Working on earning

I’m back!

Did you miss me?

Tragedy struck with the bills and cox yanked my internet.

So, I haven’t done much of anything with my blogs.

Instead, I have focused on mTurk to earn the money to get my service reconnected.

As well as continually looking for a steady paycheck.

I still have not discovered the secret to earning hundreds of dollars a week on mTurk.

Especially as I have used up all my data so they have throttled me down.

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So everything takes so much longer online.

But, I persevere.

A few dollars beats no dollars at all.

I also worked on the FB group work that I signed up to do before I was zapped.

Everything takes so much longer using my phone.

And my phone gets hot so I have to take breaks.

But I am very grateful that using my phone as a tether is even an option.

Yay for technology.

Meanwhile, the only FaceBook group that I am currently posting in is my own to try to get the ball rolling.

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As you can imagine, my stats are in the toilet.

And so are my earnings. ~sigh~

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