Work At Home Income Report May 2014

Alrighty, its that time of the month again.

Time to evaluate how I did financially this month.

These reports are actually helping keep me on the straight and narrow as I am lazy as can be and it helps to see my income in writing.

Plus, y’all can razz me unmercifully if I don’t at least maintain a certain level.

In fact, June has already seen an improvement…but you’ll have to wait till July 15th for me to prove it.

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mTurk: $19.70

Swagbucks: $75

Leapforce: $74.02

Media Insiders: $25

Viggle: $0.00

Paidviewpoint: $17.15

Total: $210.87

Not bad for a slacker like myself.

Yet, like I said, I have already done way better than that in June and the month is only half way over.

Paidviewpoint is actually my favorite survey company now that I have verified that they do pay.

The surveys are usually less than 5 minutes and none of that stupid “prequalification” crap that other survey companies seem to want to put you through…even some of the ones on mTurk.

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Now, because I consider couponing work, I am also going to add how much I saved this month with the online coupon programs.

Ibotta $7.00

SavingStar: $6.27

Total: 13.27  (not including coupons).

Anyone else have easy ways to earn or save money?

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