Win President Bill Clinton

Yes, that’s right…if you entered today, you could possibly win President Bill Clinton.

Or, at least a day out and about New York with him.

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The charismatic former president has decided to help his wife get rid of some of her debt from the 2008 primary by offering himself for a day.

Will you reach out today to help Hillary this one last time? If you enter between now and May 18th, you might join Bill Clinton for a day in New York.

No word on how they will choose the winner or even just how many winners there will be.

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Also, no clues on what the winner will be doing with Mr. Clinton on this mystery day.

There is no minimum although they suggestions start at $10.

Of course, there is the mandated maximum of $2300.

And you have to enter today.

Click here to enter to win.

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