Why Do Men Have An Obsession with Models?

To be fair, I love America’s Next Top Model.

I love that they show the truth about how hard models really work, just like an any industry.

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But, why do men have an obsession with models?

Is it because they are perceived as the most beautiful of the beautiful.

Because that is not necessarily true.

Many models just take a really pretty picture but without the full makeup and background, they are just average looking woman and, yes,  mommies.

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Sorry to ruin the fantasy for you fellas.

And to me, most of them are way to skinny.

With absolutely no curves.


Before you go off thinking that I must be a bitter big girl.

I am on 5′ 4″ and (relatively) hwp (height and weight proportionate).

But I would have to grow about 7 inches and loose 50 of my hundred and 40 pounds to be a model.

Albeit an aging one…lol….

But, I digress..

Male models, however, are expected to be fit and nicely ripped.

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Females models are typically flat chested, flat butted, and stick figured.

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4 comments to Why Do Men Have An Obsession with Models?

  • Probably its the perfect appealing figure makes men to stare at female models. Their perfect hip size, flat stomach and mesmerizing looks makes men to fall for them i suppose. But not all men are so, there are few i know, who would not like a woman to be very sleek and slender but fatty and unbodied.


    • But the typical models figure is not perfect. It is skinny. Or scrawny as they say in the hood. Other than those on ANTM, I would never use the phrase sleek and slender. And even those models end being more scrawny after they try to get work in the real industry. Have you seen Eva The Diva lately. “Eat something, girl!” is what I want to say to her. Lol.

      On the other hand, the only alternative to being model thin is to be “fatty and unbodied”. I respectfully disagree. Curvy is sexy. Have you seen Sofía Vergara on ABC’s Modern Family?


  • I think most men are more interested in young, slender, curvy women. And I don’t think most men know about the miracles of air-brushing, make-up, and push-up bras. They’ll make any girl look like a 10.


    • But slender and curvy are pretty much oxymorons. Or, it is at least when it comes to the ideal model body. They are more like boards, straight up and down, with slight bumps for breasts. Lol.

      I don’t think “men”are fooled by it but boys (and grown adult males with boy mentality) certainly are…!


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