Where’s My Daughter?!?!

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The pastor was having his spiritual father come and speak instead of bible study on Wednesday.

He gave such a glowing account that I decided to go to see who my pastor thinks is the cat’s meow as a pastor.

Nope, this isn’t about the sermon at all.

It is about what happened while I was suppose to be listening to the sermon.

Let’s feel in a little bit more background first.

My daughter has an after school middle school program on Wednesdays at a local church.

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It is not dark when she leaves, so lately I have been allowing her to walk by herself as long as she takes her cell phone with her.

However, because of daylight savings time, it is now dark when she comes out around 5:30ish.

So someone has to pick her up.

Which leads us back to church.

Because, as I said, I was going to bible study and my ride was coming at 5:45.

So, I volunteered my middle child (age 15) to go pick up his sister.

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Unbeknowst to us, one of the teachers decided to give all of the kids a ride home.

And, guess what, they didn’t pass my son walking on the way.

Baby girl decided that she wanted to go to church with me so I had her tell her eldest brother that she was leaving with me and off we went.

About 30 minutes into the sermon (yes, they waited 30 minutes!), my daughter leans over to me and says mom, you know that your phone is vibrating?

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My phone wasn’t just vibrating.

It was LIT UP!!

Apparently, my son was in panic mode because he couldn’t find his sister.

Even dear ol’ dad was calling and texting me from the great state of Oklahoma.

Angel with mobile phone

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“Where is my daughter?!?!”

At which point, baby girl calmly types into the phone that she is with me at church.

But is that good enough for him.


He is the original drama king.

He continued to light my phone up with asinine questions like “are you sure” and statements like “tell me you that you are looking right at her”.

Finally, I had baby girl whip out her own cell phone and snap a picture of herself at church and text it to her father.

Of course, this took a couple of takes because, well, vanity and narcissism run deep in my family. Lol.

Where is your daughter?

Where she always is….with her mama!




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