Where the weight lands

I have put on a lot of weight this summer.

English: This is a side view of me at 190lbs t...

English: This is a side view of me at 190lbs to be used as the ‘after’ picture of weight gain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I know why.

It was too hot to cook so I went the easy way by loading up the freezer with microwave meals.

That, and my sedentary summer life.

And now I am paying the price with a slightly more bulging belly.

It is not what the scale reads that bothers me as much as just where the weight applied itself.

And the fact that I couldn’t safely zip my jeans without taking out someone’s eye when the button flies across the room.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be in control of just where the weight lands.

I would definitely divide mine between my butt and my boobs.

Anywho, I have started doing situps to combat the weight gain.

Drinking water has not been an issue since it is so hot this summer.

However, on my next shopping trip, there will definitely be tons of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The sad thing is that the weight won’t come of my tummy first.

Nope, first place that I will notice loss in my ka-dunk-a-dunk.

Boo!! ~frown~

I sure wish that we could determine where the weight goes…~sigh~

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