What would you do if Your Child was posting inappropriate comments on Facebook?

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Let me preface by saying that my children and I have an unusual relationship….at least here in the US. The Bible Belt to be more exact.

It is unusual in the fact that I talk point-blank to my children regarding issues of sex and sexuality.

Unfortunately, that has its drawbacks.

Ever taught your kids the real words of “vagina” and “penis” and then have them say those words in the middle of the grocery store?

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Yeah, that’s the same problem that I am having here, only with teenagers and the grocery store is Facebook.

It can be tough parenting a teenager.

Especially since the advancements in technology since I went through puberty.

Mind you, it is not all of my children.

Just that strong willed, I-know-everything child.

To give you perspective on the types of things being said, let’s just note that jokes about a “cum” and “$5 hookers” are not what I consider appropriate for this child. Especially not at this age.

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My response thus far has been to have frank chat with my teenager about what is appropriate to post online, followed by a friendly swat to the head and a few days internet free unless it was homework.

No working so far.

Caught another remark that made me cringe just yesterday.

So, my question is, what would you do if your teenager was posting inappropriate statements and comments on Facebook?

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6 comments to What would you do if Your Child was posting inappropriate comments on Facebook?

  • My daughter is sixteen, and for the most part she's a pretty smart kid, but two years ago we had an Internet fiasco of similar proportions to what you're going through. When I found out about the inappropriate conduct, much of which was brought on by another teenager she met online, I took her Internet privileges away for six months and broke off all contact she had with the other child. All Internet privileges were revoked, including her ability to get on through her Nintendo DS. I also took away her cell phone. She was really bored for six months, but in the end she learned a valuable lesson about how to conduct herself online.


    • Queen Katrina

      Woah. You went hardcore! I feel like such a wimp now because I only did a 24 hour ban. I hope that he is reading this because a harsher punishment is definitely forthcoming if he doesn't straighten up and fly right.


      • The Internet really seems to scramble their brains. She's a lot smarter about the 'net than she used to be, or she's learned to hide her bad behavior a little better.


  • That is also what I am going through now. When I learned about that, I immediately sent my son to our province where in there is no light and electricity. He likes to be there good thing its summer at least he could have life away from this technology.
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  • I'm not at that stage yet, but I would either not let them have access at all, or have one of those monitor things hooked up that only allows access to a few sites.

    I've witnessed alot of horrendous things (by public school/high school kids I knew) and it's usually spread by public school kids thinking it's 'cool'. Not to mention the porn sites their friends get them on. I knew a kid that did that – the very second his mother left him home alone he was on the porn sites. What astounds me is how unaware some mothers are of what their teenager is actually doing. I'm lucky that I've witnessed it, so I know what to do when I get to that stage. The monitor/locks is so important.


    • Queen Katrina

      The problem with the monitor thing is that my son is smart enough to figure out how to get around it. In fact, we call him the family IT department. Lol.


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