What would you do if you woke at 4 am and your teenager had boyfriend or girlfriend in your house?

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Ok, let me give the caveat that this has never happened to me.

I’m just thinking out loud about some of the struggles that you other parents have faced.

And counting my blessings with both hands!

But what if you woke up in the middle of the night to find that your teenager had a girl in your house.

Or a boy, as the case may be.

And not just any boy or girl, a boyfriend or girlfriend?!?

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Would you freak?

What it depend on what they were doing when you caught them?

You know, sitting at the table sipping on some cocoa vs laying on the same bed.

Would it depend on whether they were dressed or if you even caught them in the act of coitus?

I have no clue what I would do.

But I have the feeling that law enforcement may be involved!

What would you do?!?!

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2 comments to What would you do if you woke at 4 am and your teenager had boyfriend or girlfriend in your house?

  • I just wish that no mother would get to face such an embarassig situation. No parent would like their teenage young boys or girls to be so deeply involved. But if i were in such a situation, i probably would go through a pain and might as well yell at my boy or girl. And then later calm down and handle the situation smoothly because teenagers are very difficult to handle. I would think that somewhere i neglected my child and would try to fix it by spending more time with them.


    • I think that my initial reaction would be to yell too. Lol. But then I would want to know why the girl or boy was in their room. Perhaps problems at home. Because my kids know that I do not bring men to my house because I would feel that would be a disrespect to them so I am sure they would know having early morning company is a disrespect to me. I wouldn’t think that I neglected my child, just that something is going on in which I need to be aware. Kids make mistakes no matter what parents do.


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