What foods go straight to the booty

Since Sir Mixalot starting rapping “Baby got back”, the world has come to know and understand that have a decent bum in the African American community is as critical as having a nice rack in the Caucasian American community.

Booty Call

Booty Call (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yet, alas, I have neither….


So, I decided to do some research on foods that can help me round out my down under.

After all, my friends with great kadunkadunks blame it on the pancakes.

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Quite a disappoint, however, to read all the answers that say it depends on genetics.

Yeah, if that was so, I would have a dunk like to squirrels fighting because my mom sure got back and my lil’ sis ain’t too far behind her.

~double sigh~

And those exercises everyone is always harping on and on about…those of far the ladies who want to tighten there stuff up. If my stuff gets any tighter, I want be able to sit my ass down, literally.

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The most information that I’ve gotten is too it plenty of breads, pasta, sodas, candy, chips, etc.

Which, hm, now that you mention it, does sound like the staples of my friends’ diets.

What a fool I have been eating all this yogurt and other healthy crap!


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