What a luke-warm Scandal

Alright, Gladiators, it is that time of the year again.

I know you had the date marked on your calendars for months now.

Thursday was the Season 5 season premiere of Scandal.

It is time for Heavy is the Head.

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(Warning: This post may contains spoilers!!!)

When we left them last season:

Huck (Guillermo Díaz) had just murdered a bus full of people and Quinn (Katie Lowes) was a little, uh, perturbed about it.

Mellie (Bellamy Young) was just elected as a Junior Senator of Virginia.

Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) had kicked both Mellie and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) out of the White House.

He installs Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) as his new Chief of Staff.

Jake (Scott Foley) walked out of Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) life and Olivia went running to Fitz .

Our last scene was of Olivia and Fitz do some rather stupid public canoodling on the White House balcony.

Scandal: Heavy is the Head, Season 5 season premiere

This season they are doing now:

Our episode opens with Sally (Kate Burton) lambasting the President for throwing a lavish party at the White House for the all American girl who married the future king. In actuality, the party has an ulterior motive to discuss having an American base built with the Queen, who is running the country.

Interspersed in that are images of Olivia’s and Fitz’s fairy-tale relationship.

Also being flaunted is the fact that Mellie has a “cold” and is unable to attend the state dinner to stand at the side of her husband.

This enrages Mellie because she is not ill and she confronts Abby but there is nothing that Abby can do about it because Fitz has chosen to take his brilliant but socially awkward Vice-President Susan Ross (Artemis Pebdani) to sit by his side.

Abby is feeling off her game without Cyrus there and she gossips about the future Princess which parellels Olivia’s role as the President’s arm candy if they were to go public with their relationship.

Proving that yes, she is indeed off her game, Abby didn’t realize that the future Princess was in the bathroom until she revealed herself to decorously stop the gossiping.

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The Princess is happy to officially meet Olivia and further cemented what it is to live in a fishbowl of a public relationship.

Unfortunately, Olivia is called the reporter covered death scene of the Princes
s and is hired by the royal family to handle the case and retrieve the photos of the Princess in death to preserve her dignity.

The spend 2.4 million dollars to purchase all of the photos until they run across a reporter who will not be bribed.

So, instead, Olivia comes up with the brilliant plan to replace the images with discreet photos of the prince identifying the body.

In the course of trying to find all of the photographers, they discover that the death of the Princess was not an accident at all and she pushes David to find out about the remains.

Mellie confronts Elizabeth North with a demand that the President be there for her swearing in.

Elizabeth comes back swinging in her denial of her request because she feels secure and superior in her new position.

Sally goes fishing expedition on a phone call with Abby to find out what is going on in the White House.

Abby investigates whether or not Fitz is going to the swearing in and is frustrated to find out that he is not.

Stalking down the hall with her head buried in her papers, she completely misses Olivia skulking about in the hallway and ducking out of her view.

Typical of Olivia, she comes to Mellie’s side and urges Fitz to go to the swearing in.

Someone should have told Abby because she embarrassingly finds out from reporters following live feeds that Fitz is indeed at the swearing in.

Mellie thanks Fitz for coming and apologies for her role in the break-up but instead of forgiving her, Fitz serves her with divorce papers and a threat of mutual destruction if she does not sign.

Abby finds out that she wasn’t the only one who didn’t know that the President had decided to attend. Elizabeth didn’t either.

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Olivia is surprised to learn that Fitz had served Mellie with divorce papers.

David finds out that someone did, indeed, assassinate the Princess.

Further research showed that the Princess and Prince were not spending much time together and that she was having an affair with her bodyguard.

She takes the information to the President and he attempts to first shut her done with diplomatic immunity and then outright threatens to have her prosecuted for treason because he thinks that getting the naval base is more important.

Olivia goes home, where apparently she hasn’t been all summer, to find Huck sleeping on her couch.

Huck is his typical sad self because he is “hurting on the inside” but Olivia tells him that she cannot fix an emotional hurt.

Elizabeth confronts Abby with Olivia and Fitz relationship only to find out that Abby never knew about it.

Mellie goes to Cyrus to ask him to talk some sense into Fitz assuming that he would be willing to help her but he declines because if he works for her, Fitz will never ask him to come back.

David shows Olivia that the Princess was pregnant and probably by her bodyguard. She takes that information to the Queen who tells her that she is the one that had the Princess murdered.

She forbids Olivia to say a word with the confidentiality agreement that she signed with the country.

Huck goes to Jake for help.

Fitz is upset that Olivia killed his naval deal because the prince is staunchly against it.

Olivia tells Fitz that their relationship will not work if they go public and, of course, he reluctantly agrees.

Abby catches them make-up on the White House porch but has more important things to show them as Sally Langston is publicly broadcasting images of Olivia sneaking in and out of the White House after hours as well as intimate, although non-sexual, photos of them together.

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What was good about the episode:

I liked the Princess and actually wished that we could have seen more of her before she was so brutally murdered. In her one short scene, I found her lovable and adorable, just the way I want to view a real royal princess.

Mellie, of course, brings it. Bellamy Young puts so much believable feminine outrage and hurt into every scene.

The emotional scene between Huck and Olivia shows that they are really going through the same emotional trauma’s but where Olivia is able to hide hers and direct it towards her career, Huck needs her to do the same.

The Queen’s line, “not all fairy-tales have happy endings, my dear” was delivered perfectly by Dearbhla Molloy and matched perfectly by Olivia’s “you were right. Not all fairy-tales have happy endings but evil Queens, they have to go down”.

Sally was her usual conservative religious pushing self who, apparently, has forgotten that she murdered her husband in cold blood.

What sucked about the episode:

Was it me, our was this year’s Scandal season premiere just…eh.

I found myself a little bored where usually Shonda Rhimes has me gasping from beginning to end.

The only interesting parts were the scenes with my girl, Mellie Grant.

While Olivia and Fitz make good will they/won’t they tension on the show, they are actually incompatible as a couple.

She is too strong willed and independent for a man who is both unable to learn from his mistakes and well as unable to forecast how his actions will affect the future.

As I mentioned before, I wanted to see more of the Princess portrayed by Hilty Bowen.

And my baby Jake was on the screen for less than a second!!! Oh, the inhumanity!!!

Or maybe it was just sour grapes on might part because I hate, just absolutely HATE, Olivia with that putz of a POTUS.

Have you watched the season premiere of Scandal yet? What did you think? Living up to the standards set by the previous seasons? Do you like

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