Weekly Wednesday Workout Wrapup

The Wrap-up

Usually I post on Facebook whenever I complete a workout but I think that posting a weekly wrap-up will make me more to actually workout.

Especially as I have been slacking since last Monday when I did my morning and evening Zumba and that’s it.

For 9 days.

Unless back-to-school shopping counts (and in my mind, it totally does!).

To start this party off right, I am happy to report that I have completed my morning Zumba class and I have nothing but high expectations that I will be going to my evening Zumba class tonight.

I picked up the September YMCA group exercise schedule and I was excited to know that they added Zumba to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Friday evenings and Step class on Mondays.

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The Exercise Plan

So, my current workout schedule tentatively looks as follows:


  • 9:30 Zumba
  • 5:00 Yoga
  • 6:30 Zumba


  • 9:30 Pilates
  • 5:30 Zumba
  • 6:45 Step


  • 9:30 Zumba
  • 5:30 Yoga
  • 6:30 Zumba


  • 9:30 Pilates
  • 4:00 Belly Dance
  • 5:30 Zumba
  • 7:00 Yoga


  • 8:30 Zumba
  • 5:30 Zumba


  • Y Boot Camp (9/14 & 9/28)


  • Actitrax

Quite an aggressive schedule but it is fair to note that the Pilates and Yoga have been on my radar for months and I have yet to go to even one class. I was suppose to start the Y Boot Camp on that but that’s a big nope on that as well.

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That’s why I say that the schedule in “tentative”.

The Nutrition Plan

I ate a lot of junk during the last week. I mean, a lot. So much, in fact, that I am back up to 167 lbs where I was down to 163. I put on 4 lbs in just 9 days. Boo!

This months nutrition plan is to take processed sugar snacky foods out of my diet. No more pop tarts. Or nutrigrain bars. Or even cereal. No cookies. ~cries~

My cheat rule is that I can eat it if it is given to me by someone else  (It would be rude to decline, right!).

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So, ~sigh~, if I want a snack, I have to eat fresh fruit, vegetables, or yogurt. I guess that it is a good thing that I like fresh fruit, vegetables, and yogurt, huh.

So, what do you think?

Too much?

Not enough?

Do you have a plan or routine of your own to follow?

~Queen Katrina

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