This week, I cut my grocery bill by 20% with coupons and apps

I am getting better and better at saving money with coupons and Android apps

One of my goals is to keep track of how much I am actually saving on my groceries using coupons and apps.

I am not the world’s best couponer but I am coming along nicely.

Come learn how I saved a little more than 20% off my grocery shopping bill.

With my 2 boys home from college last month, a budget that was comfortable for 2 became a bit tight with their return.

It has lightened up a bit since my eldest has decided to go visit his father for the summer.

Just a heads up, but one of my career goals is to earn passive income so I have put my referral/affiliate codes in this post. I would love it if you would join under me and thank you in advance.

The first thing that I do before heading to the store is to print coupons from Swagbucks.

Yes, Swagbucks.

Because it is the exact same coupons as on but I get 10 Swagbucks per coupon.

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Or, if you rather, you can just click on a coupon from on the following widget.

Buyers choice!

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As I tend to cash out on Swagbucks for either $25 Paypal or $25 Amazon gift certificates, that translates to $0.10 per coupon.

It’s like being paid to coupon!

I must admit my immediate suckage as I have, uh, misplaced (lost) my first receipt for the month.

So, we’ll just get started with the 2 that I have.

I mostly shop Farm Fresh and usually only on Sundays and Wednesdays when coupons double.

I have gotten so spoiled with double coupons that buying without it seems like a huge waste of money.

My (2nd) trip to Farm Fresh has a savings of 23%.

In other words, I saved $14.99 and my out-of-pocket was $49.38 rather than $64.37. (Math wizrds, is that correct? Lol.)

I used:

  • 4 Manufacturer coupons for a savings of $5.74
  • 3 Store/Multiple coupons for a savings of $3.75
  • 7 Advertised savings for a savings of $5.50
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Farm Fresh has an app but I am not really sure which on the above mentioned coupons are from the app.

While shopping, I run down the list for Farm Fresh on:

  1. iBotta $0.25 (Currently offering new user $10 if you do 2 receipts in 2 weeks)
  2. Checkout51 $0.00 (Currently offering $5 with your first receipt by June 15th)
  3. SavingStar $1.00 (Link your store or Upromise card and have nothing to print, clip, or scan)

iBotta is my favorite because you Level up for Bonuses in addition to earning when your team earns. Your team is basically people on Facebook who also use iBotta.

If I am remembering correctly, I used 4 printed coupons so that is 40 Swagbucks ($0.40).

My third trip to a grocery store was to Walmart to buy cat and dog food.

Walmart was chosen mostly because I was in the area already.

I stuck to my guns and only purchased the pet food.

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I wished they doubled coupons too. ~sigh~

But I still manged to save $2.05 with coupons for a total of $8.30 rather than $10.35.

When I good at couponing, I hope to be getting the pet food as close to free as possible.

While siting in the car, I scanned to qr code into SavingsCatcher on my Walmart app.

Unfortunately, neither of my pet foods were available on any of my apps so no savings that way.

However, I used to coupons printed from Swagbucks so that is an additional $0.20 savings.

If my math is correct (which is probably is not), my total savings (not including that missing receipt) is $18.89 out of $74.72 which is about 20%.

So, how did you do this week? Save tons of money? Know of a way to save that I haven’t mentioned here? If so, feel free to leave your referral link and, if I am not already a member, I’ll be sure to join under you.

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