Wednesday Workout Report

Wow, so I have been so slacking for the past couple of weeks.

I went to about 3 Zumba classes and I did my Activtrax on Monday.

That’s about it.

Yet, I lost almost 2 lbs last week because I cut way back on snacks and foods with fructose corn syrup.

Also, I’m lazy, so the snacks that I purchased involve “cooking”.

Suffice it to say that the jello and pudding mixes are both still sitting in the cupboard and the Lemon Bars were made by the kiddos while I was gone.

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I didn’t even get one.


I did purchase myself some new shoes to exercise.

Reebok Women’s FitnisFlare Shoe

They are very comfortable and my feet stopped hurting after every work out.

In fact, I wear them all the time

The design is suppose to be constantly exercising my body as I wear them.

Perhaps that is what accounts for the slight weight loss.

My goal is to add doing 100 crunches per day just to flatten the stomach.

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I was looking at the calendar and ~gasp~, I only have a few months to reach my flat stomach goal by the end of the year.

Does anyone else have any fitness goals?

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