Truly Inseperable by Wanda Y. Thomas

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I’m not usually a fan of the “get back together” genre of romance novels.

I prefer my stories to end with “and they lived happily ever after”.

However, I am ever so glad that I gave Truly Inseperably by Wanda Y. Thomas.

Truly Inseparable is the story of Ms. Shelby Reeves and her husband, Nelson.

The unfortunate fact is that this perfect couple has suffered one of life’s greeatest tragedies…the lose of a child.

And that lose caused this family to completely fall apart.

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Yet, love for one another still beats hard in the hearts of both.

In the upscale world of Denver, Shelby designs six-figure wedding gowns in her own boutique, and her husband, Nelson, is in top management with the local cable company. They had it all. Everything was perfect until their infant child died unexpectedly from SIDS. Unable to survive the strain, their marriage crumbles.

Divorced, Shelby and Nelson realize they are miserable with out each other. Stubborn, they play a waiting game to see what it will take to repair their lives reconcile, and recapture the love that makes them truly inseparable.

My reason for enamaration with this book is the way Nelson feels about Shelby and he has felt that way about her since the very first moment he laid eyes on her.

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He spoils her. Pampers her. And feels intolerable guilt for failing her when she needed him the most.

I loved the fact that him having an affair with another woman wasn’t even a consideration even though they had been divorced for a year.  And even though he wondered if she’d taken a lover of her own.

What woman wouldn’t want a man with that much dedication and passion.

I know that I do…

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