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True Blood (season 2)
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Ok, I have lasted as long as I could to allow you slackers to get caught up on True Blood.

Actually, thanks to the beauty of pre-posting, I haven’t really lasted as long as you may think. Lol.

True Blood is off-the-hook.

That last 15 – 20 minutes of the show gets me every single freakin’ time.

Sum up time…

Eric is busted by the American Vampire League and completely squeals about every thing the big meanie King Russell has been up too. Grudge much? The AVL plants the problem squarely back in his lap to deal with as he sees fit.

King Russell rushes home to the dead…uh…gunk of his beloved Talbot. His mind is clearly gone as he hugs the glop close to his heart.

Bill and Sookie have a less exciting than last weeks love session in the shower. Let’s face…Sookie really put it too him last week…Sookie, Sookie Now! Lol. After the soap up, Sookie finds the dead werewolf body in her living room and pretty much gives Bill what-for about never being a typical date…Geesh, can a girl just cuddle up with her man and a bucket of popcorn. As they dispose of the body, they get into a discussion on trust and the file that Bill had on Sookie. Bill, going man, blames it on his supposed rival, Eric.

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Just as I thought, Sookie’s dumb butt brother Jason led Crystal’s family straight to her and her shady self says that he raped her right before banging her ex- right in the head. They tie him up in the woods and call the Sherriff using a fake girlie voice. But, ooops, the wolf gets loose and the deputy sheriff gets dead.

It turns out that whatever Sookie is or has or….please just tell us…Grrr…her nephew has too. She discovers this by having a little pow wow with him at the aquarium without using their mouths….

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Tara refuses Sam’s advice to see a therapist but she does go to a rapist support group. Even strong women need help sometimes.

Speaking of Sam, his lil’ brother has gone typical teen now that his parents are out of the picture. Poor Sam has to go over and put the party on pause and his ungrateful brother has the nerve to give him some lip. I doubt he’ll be doing that too many times after he saw the hurting Sam put on Crystal’s father.

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Now, here comes the exciting part!


Alive and still stalking Tara.

Never fear, though, as our hero “cop” Jason steps up and blows a whole right through Franklin’s plans with a wooden bullet.

And he needed that moment in the son because the shady Crystal chose her family over him…again!

In another exciting event, King Russell destroys any chance of a human/vampire coalition by killing a newscaster live on the air while brandishing his lost love Talbot in a beautiful crystal urn.

Yeah, that last 15 – 20 minutes of True Blood gets me every time and then leaves me sitting there with a cliff hanger…~sigh~

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