Too Much Too Watch At The Same Time Rant

Ashton Kutcher

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Do they do it on purpose?

Do network executives deliberately release new shows or new seasons at the same time on the same day?

Why, oh, why do they think that I have the brainpower to chose?

Take last night.

I spent the night flipping between the finale of Hell’s Kitchen (Heck’s Kitchen for my daughter).

Sorry, Will.

Congratulations, Paul.

Ha. Ha. Ha. at Chef Ramsey finally telling Elise to stop being a bitch.

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And the series returns on CBS including Two & Half Men now starring Ashton Kutcher in the formerly held place of Charlie Sheen.

(Just enough to know that I am not a fan of the hairy Harry look of Ashton’s. That’s one trend he can leave to Brad Pitt. In fact, he can encourage Brad to ditch his too!)

Brad Pitt at the Burn After Reading premiere

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Frankly, I watched neither channel very well and I will probably have to rewatch all of the shows again, especially Two & A Half Men.

Maybe I’ll have to invest in a freakin’ DVR after all..

~grumpy grumbles~

The good news is that because I am a blogger, the time and many becomes less of a waste and more of an “investment”, right?

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