Today’s walking is all the exercise I need for the week

Man, not having a fully functioning automobile sucks in a major way.

Baby Girl had Upward Bound today and that was a 45 minute walk to drop her off.

And then another 45 minute walk to come back home.

And then another 45 minute walk to pick her back up.

And another 45 minute walk back home.

My plans after dropping her off was to come home and re-shoot that Youtube video because it too sucked in a major way but I was way too tired.

As in my dogs wearing not just barking, they were howling.

Coupled with the fact that in 2 hours, I had to turn right back around and walk to pick her up and my body outright said, “Nope”.

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Alas, I have to admit that I am no longer 20 and able to walk miles in a single bound.

Luckily, on my walk to swoop her highness back up, I ran into a friend that I will love for ever and ever and ever because she gave me a ride to pick her up and patiently waited for us to come back out so that she could give us a ride home.

My poor puppies really thank you, girl!

But to let you know that I wasn’t a total slacker during those 2 hours of my “break”, I did open up my trusty email and read some blog posts on, well, basically, why I suck at blogging.

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Well, that’s not really true.

Some of them confirmed that I am on the right track and just need to kick it into gear.

A since my 1 1/2 hour afternoon trek was cut down to just 15 minutes, I came home and got to work.

And by work, I mean that I broke out the book that I was reading for a blog post and I finished up the review.

I tried a FAQ plugin to see if it wouldn’t extend the spoiler in the email but, alas, it did not work so it is back to the drawing board.

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Anyone know of a good spoiler plugin? Anyone?? HEEELLLPP!!!

I also finished up my FB groups.

The great thing about doing the groups is that I could keep right on working when my friends call to do a quick (i.e. hours on the phone) catch-up session.

So tomorrow, my mission, if I chose to accept it, is to pre-write at least 4 -5  blog posts and schedule them to come out next week.

I can do it.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can…..choo!Chooooo!!!

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