Tmobile Scores with me

I <3 Tmobile.

Almost everyone I know is with Tmobile.

In fact, I only have one person in my circle who is not with Tmobile (luvs ya anyway, J!).

I actually smirk when I hear people talking about staying off their data plan because if they go over, the bill will skyrocket…

Yeah, Tmobile just drops you down to a slower throttle.

No biggee.

You still have unlimited data.

Or you could pay a couple bucks more and get my gigabytes.

I also love that I have four lines on the Tmobile family plan for only $100.

Ok, so it comes in at about $150 but that is because I financed two phones and I have the Tmobile Jump! insurance on both of them.

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Still cheaper than if I had stayed prepaid at $50/line.

Ok, anyway, I digress and ramble.

This morning, whilst procrastinating on doing Leapforce, I did a search for the Samsung Galaxy s6 and came across articles discussing Tmobile’s new Score program.

Basically, you add $5 month per line to your bill and then pay your bill on time, every time.

In 6 months , the entry level phone (ie, Alcatel One Touch Evolve 2) will be free.

After 12 months of on time payments, you are eligible for exclusive discount prices on every phone.

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The plan is open to both Tmobile postpaid and Tmobile prepaid customers (with the exceptions of Pay As You Go and Pay By The Day).

(I love the fact that Tmobile doesn’t treat its prepaid customers with callous disregard.)

It is even available if you bring your own device.

In addition, the discount is guaranteed to be equal to or greater than the $60/year cost (12 months x $5/month).

Anyway, I am mostly writing this post for my family and friends who are either already with Tmobile and may be considering upgrading their phone or who may be considering jumping on board my absolute favorite cell phone company.

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Hopefully, I got all of this right. I highly recommend contacting Tmobile support if you have any questions.

None of the links take you directly to where you add Score! and other services but I clicked around and found it.

I am off to login into mytmobile to add this to my account.

Click on the phone number that you would like to add Score!.

Click Change Services.

Add or delete the services that you are interested in and click Next.

Review. Confirm. Done.

Yeah, its a bummer but you have to do this for each individual line.


Can’t have everything! Lol.


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