Time Tithing pays off

One of my most personal beliefs is in the spirit of tithing.

Now, when most people think of tithing (if they know the word at all), they think of only money.

Yet money is just the beginning of your obligations to tithe.

Sometimes the hardest thing to tithe is yourself.

Giving of yourself without the anticipation of receiving anything in return.

Not even a smile.

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Not even a thank you.

And of the giving of yourself, what seems to be the most improbable to give (after money, of course) is time.

I do this every Thursday morning from ten to twelve and sometimes every Thursday evening as well…if I’m needed.

I carve that block of time into my schedule as a weekly obligation.

And yesterday, I was richly rewarded.

Ok, let me preface this by saying that I cut up (bad!) while volunteering at my local church‘s food pantry.

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I believe in being happy and having fun no matter where I am so, yay, my friends and I are in there cutting jokes and laughing uproariously.

Often we get the “clients” involved in our tomfoolery.

And yesterday, I was so touched when one of our patrons says to me that we brighten her day every Thursday because we are always so light, fun-loving, and helpful.

NYC - Lighting the Way to Equality, Marriage E...

Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML via Flickr

I don’t know what struggles these ladies and gentleman are going through in their life outside of those walls but I am so moved that just by being my dumb, sweet self that, just for a moment, we can lift them out of their dark doldrums and into the light.

And I hope that they then take the which of our blessings with them and use it to light someone elses life.

Yeah, Time Tithing definitely pays off.

In a big way….

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