They don’t see my body the way I see my body

My body. Nevermind the hair! Lol.

My body. Nevermind the hair! Lol.

In the grand scheme of body types, I probably would be classified as “skinny”.

At least, that’s how I see myself.

And when friends and friends of friends and, heck, even Facebook friends see how often I go to the gym, the common comment is, “why, but you’re so skinny”.

But, in the privacy of my own home, comparing my BC (before children) body to my AC (after children) body, I am less than impressed.

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Add to the fact that I am pushing 40 and yeah…

Once small but perky boobs are still small but not quite so perky.

Same thing with the matching small but perky rear end.

Small but droopy is not the look that I am going for.

And don’t get me started with my case of Dunlap Disease.

As in, my stomach done lapped over belt.

And should my stomach really stick out further than my boobs?

Yeah, I didn’t really think so either.

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And I can’t keep calling it baby weight being as my youngest “baby” is now 14 years old.

So to answer the question why do I go to the gym eventhough I am so “skinny”.

I go so that I will like what I see when I am standing naked in the bathroom gazing in the mirror.

How’s that for an answer?

~Ms. Katrina


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