These bills are piling up

Bills are piling up over here so today, I am splitting my time between applying for jobs (both brick and mortar and virtual), submitting bids for sponsored posts, and earning a few dollars on mTurk.

Brick and mortar

Brick and mortar is probably the only way that I would feel comfortable with a phone job. Not really comfortable, per se, as it is still hard for me as an introvert. More like I would feel obligated. Yet, once I answer the call, I’m fine. But even the thought of it gives me a little ping in my belly. But I’d do it to pay these bills.

What I really want is a non-customer type job like filing or assembly or something. Maybe even stocking or merchandising. So I am focusing my applications on that kind of job.

Plus, I am looking for either something full time but seasonal or something part-time.

It helps to know what I am looking for and to know myself.

For example, I loathe any job that requires me to touch money. Nope. Not going to be able to do it. I have to count and recount and then count again my own money so that’s a big no on any job dealing with someone else’s cash.

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I will miss being completely at home though but I do need to break out of my shell plus, taking the stress of money off my back will probably make me a better blogger.


I tried virtual customer service before and I was so nervous, I felt like I was screwing up way to bad. Fortunately, I got the job with Leapforce so I was able to drop the customer service position. I am not putting in applications for this type of job right now mostly because I am way behind on my internet bill and I would hate for it to get cut off in the middle of training or, heaven forbid, in the middle of my shift.

Plus, the last time I did virtual customer service, my neighbors seemed to know exactly when I had a shift and would start making all kinds of noise in the hallway that I was sure that my customers, and my QA, could hear. I’m sure that didn’t help any with my nerves. It was like they somehow just knew when I was about to do a shift.

Sponsored Posts

I spent a portion of today submitting absolutely low-ball pitches for sponsored posts. I mean abysmal rates that I will probably be cursing myself for later if I get them. But, frankly, I am in serious need of the money and the experience so….

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My goal was to be making $300/month with sponsored posts by the end of the year and thus far I have made zilch. zero. nada.

I read somewhere that to get sponsored posts, start reviewing things that you already own and have around the house. So, that is what I am going to do. I ordered something from Amazon that I have never used before but I have wanted to and I am going to write a post about it. Plus, I am going to take a look around the house and see what I already own that I can review. Frankly, I don’t see much as money has been tight for awhile so I very rarely buy anything new. Maybe I’ll spoil my chihuahua with some Blue Buffalo dog food. Lol. Nah….

So, I’ll do one “fake” review per month and then link to it on my media kit page and hopefully that will spark some interest.


This reminds me that I forgot to complete the series on mTurk. It is the ol’ catch-22. Do I do the work and make the money or write the post that conceivably bring me in more visitors and, thus, potentially more money.

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Today, I am deciding to earn the money and sneak a few minutes here and there to work on the draft.

My speed on mTurk is not the greatest so it takes me what seems like all day to earn $10 – $20. The advanges though is that I can do the HITS that I like, I can do them whenever I want and whenever they are available, and I can work all day and night if I want too. Plus, I can cash out daily to start chipping down on these bills.

The only other work that I did was, of course, Paidviewpoint, Swagbucks, Bing, and Superpoints. Does anyone else think that Superpoints is making things needlessly complicated?!?

Oh, and are you desperately waiting on the mTurk post or can I just take my time? Lol.

Be a sweetie and visit these bloggers who are probably in the same boat as me and need the moola! Lol.

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