The Work At Home At Home Curse

One of the curses of working from home is that people assume that you have all the time in the world because you are At Home.

As an example, I have the absolute nicest landlord in the world.

Home Office

Image of a cluttered home by samwyse via Flickr

But, he is also the most persnikity about cleanliness.

Generally, my house is somewhat, er, untidy.

Especially now as I have been spending 12 – 16 hour days working on my blogs.

Don’t get me wrong, my house is not nasty.

Dishes are not allowed to pile up all over the house.

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All laundry must be contained in one designated area.

The kids have their assigned chores that must be done prior to logging on to the internet.

However, clean clothes may sit on the bed for a day or two after being washed.

I may have pulled back from mopping the floor everyday to just once per week.

I’m thinking he may be more lenient if he thought that I left the house to work 12 – 16 hours per day.

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The work at home curse is that every one assumes that you are at home.

Ie…At home to take their call.

…At home to tidy up.

….At home for a pop in visit.

The reality is that I work more than someone who works for The Man.

Other than other wahers, the only ones who could feel my pain are those who are starting a brick and mortar business.

But, at least then you would get some sympathy for the hours that you put in.

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Or, at the very least, they would know that you are not At Home.

By the way, after waking up at 5 am and doing what I felt was a somewhat thorough cleaning job…

After bleaching the kitchen down so strongly that I had to not only leave the room, but the house entirely…

The landlord simply remarked that my home was “ok but cluttered”.

Feelings. Hurt.


Will the ladies of How Clean Is Your House be shuttering in absolute horror if they walked through your door?

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4 comments to The Work At Home At Home Curse

  • My house is pretty untidy too, but that's how my nature is – it was untidy even when I was not working at all :))

    But you are completely right about people who think that since you are working at home, you have a lot of time to do all sorts of things that are not work-related. My friends, for example, simply can't understand how come they can't come in and visit any time they feel like or how come I can't go out anytime they feel like… and the examples can't continue. And this is probably because many people are limited and can't understand that "work at home" actually means that you DO work and don't stay at home doing nothing 🙂


    • Yes. You'll have to start training them. The question is do you have the backbone to ignore that ringing phone or buzzing doorbell. For the record, I suck at it…but I'm getting better!


  • Your house looks far better than MINE! Lol.

    I feel your pain about others not taking your time seriously as a wahm. Every time someone I know needs a favor or a ride somewhere or something else they need done for them, they always call me.

    Their explanation is, "But you're home all the time. Everyone else works."

    Makes me want to wave a magic wand and give them a day in my shoes. Everyone else works INDEED!


    • Grr. I feel your frustration entirely. But, I'm training them by not answering the phone unless it is the kid's school or I am taking a break. Or, like the past few days, I'm sick and want someone to come take care of me…for a change!


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