The Royal (Amazon) Store

The Danbos Embrace
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Hey, guess what!

I’ve started my own Amazon Store.

What makes my store different is that it is only stocked with stuff that I have owned and/or used and heartily recommend.

Especially as sometimes I mean to make a post about something but I totally forget.

However, I do usually add it to my store (I’m claiming in preparation for that new post. What do you mean, yeah, right?? Lol.)

Nothing but the best for my readers.

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Gosh, there are so many things that I love that I have yet to write a post about.

Dawn Direct Foam

Axe Deodorant Body Spray

Cantu Shea Butter

The kitchen sink

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Amazon sells just about everything…including the kitchen sink.

Which is perfect for this blog because it chats about just about everything…including the kitchen sink.

(Picture of kitchen sink for illustration purposes only. Picture does not illustrate the daily state of my own kitchen sink. You believe me, right?)

You can get to my store by clicking here or you can always just click on the STORE link on my navigation bar.

I haven’t finished adding categories and subcategories like putting a Kindle option underneath books but, like everything else in my life these days, it is a work in progress.

Happy Gift Unwrapping!
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If you would like to see me add something in particular, don’t be a’scared to mention it, ok.

I don’t bite…hard…often…

I have also added my own personal wish-list so you can always send me a lil’ something something iffen ya wanna. No pressure, I’m just sayin’…..Me Likey Gifts!

This is also great for any PR firms interested in sending me a sample of their product.

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