The Pampered Black Queen by Richard Dee

The Pampered Black Queen follows the day to day experiences of the young black woman Yolunda and her white male slave husband, 26 years her senior. She is a natural dominant who noticed during the dating phase that he was a natural submissive. If she dropped it, he immediately dropped to his knees and picked it up, irregardless of whether or not they were in public. So, when they married, it was under the clear understanding that it was going to be all about her.

The advent into bdsm occurs when she asks him if he has ever experienced pain while making love. His immediate retrieval his little black bag prompts her to exclaim “Why you little pervert. What else do you have in that bag. And I want to see everything. I mean everything.” From that point in, their destiny was set. She treats him as pure property that was “merely her slave who must do her bidding” and follows up that thought with swift deliverance of pain.

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A lot of interesting things happen to him but I’ll allow you to read the details for yourself. For now, the highlights will have to suffice in order to get across a few points later on. One such event was the fact that she locked him to a pole outside, naked as the day he was born, in the middle of an awful cold snap…with no heat! Another incident was making him answer the door (again naked) to the pizza delivery girl. A third event involves the pizza delivery girl and her underage niece. And my final revelation is regarding Yolunda finding a “real” man and ignoring her boy.

Actually, I’m guilty of the last one myself. Not finding a “real” man, per se, but ignoring my boy because I’ve been busy building my fledgling blogs so that they will be significant income producers for years to come. Yet, on the other hand, I find it absolutely sexy (and imperative!) to know that any boy that I claim as my own will always be there waiting for me. Indeed, the best boy would be endeavoring to remind me of his waiting presence with his continued good service and inquiries of my immediate needs.

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The first concern that I had will reading this book was when she locked the boy outside. My first thought was “dumb move, lady. He’s going to end up sick. Then who’s going to pamper you?!?!” And, sure enough, he ends up sick and she actually has to spend several weeks nursing him back to health before she go back to her life of pampered leisure. Personally, I would never deliberately do anything to my boy that would inconvenience me to that extreme, especially as she doesn’t have a back-up toy to¬† play with while her primary is ill.

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I was also concerned with her having him run around naked and answering the door to complete strangers who had not consented to be used in such a way. Um, I’m pretty sure that would get us a nice call to 9-1-1 here in the real world. Of course, in Mr. Deee’s fantasy and they all end up….hm, I think I’ll leave that for you to read. Lol. But I will tell you that I won’t be doing a dang-on-thang with anyone underage. Geesh. That’s more than a call. That’s a nice jail sentence!

The Pampered Black Queen is a pretty good book (Three out of Five Stars) especially as it reads like BDSM porn. Now, if only I can find me a boy with the dedication and true heart of a slave that this one has…I’d certainly wife him.

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