Thanking God for no man

I had gotten into the unfortunate habit of asking God for the perfect man to come into my life.

I have even begun to give him instructions and details on what this man would be like.

But today, while watching Creflo Dollar, I had the revelation that what I should be doing is thanking God for keeping the wrong man out of my life.

I look at my friends now who have or had the wrong relationships…relationships not sanctioned by God…and I am so thankful that I do not have that added stress and drama in my life.

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Thank you God for keeping the wrong man out of my life while you finish shaping the right man (and me) into the perfect, sanctified relationship.

2 comments to Thanking God for no man

  • Although I have been tempted, I shall always be a a follower of Our God.


  • I know this is a couple of years late, but your post is timeless. These words hold true for any single person at any time. Sometimes we want a man or a woman so bad that we feel we can’t do without one and we get so frustrated that we’re still single, but in our singleness we’re avoiding the headache and heartache.


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