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Finally, Jerry Bruckheimer has invented a game show/reality tv show that I would actually be interested in entering.

It’s name is Take The Money and Run!

The premise of the challenge is that two contestants acting as a team are given a silver briefcase that holds $100,000.

They are then given 1 hour to hide the case.

The car that they provide you is low jacked with GPS.

And they have access to calls that you make and receipts from any purchases.

Two investigators (Mary Hanlon Stone and Paul Bishop) are given the task of interrogating the “suspects”while they are being held in a locked, solo jail cell.

Two detectives hit the streets to find the case.

The catch?

They only have 48 hours to find it.

If they do, the detectives get to keep the money.

If they do not, it is YOURS!

I even have gone so far as to locate Jerry’s blog which have the official rules.


A team of 2 contestants are given 1 hour to hide a briefcase with $100,000.  The money cannot be separated from the briefcase.  A team of 2 real investigators and 2 seasoned interrogators then hunt down the money, using any tactics/knowledge they have from real experience.  If the detectives find it, they keep the money. If the contestants can keep it hidden, they keep the money.

Some rules:

  • Contestants must stay together while hiding the briefcase
  • Contestants must use the vehicle. They can park it and walk somewhere.
  • They can use pay phones.
  • Detectives get GPS information tracking the vehicle, cell phone records.
  • The briefcase must be hidden somewhere accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Anyone the contestants use to hide the money must be accessible by detectives.
  • All questions must be answered, but both sides are expected to lie and do their best to deceive the other.
  • Contestants are not allowed to leave the cell.

For further clarification, there is also a Frequently Asked Questions Section.

Question 1:
Why do the contestants answer questions during interrogation? Why don’t they just remain silent for 48 hours?
A: Rules state that the contestant must answer the questions they are asked and may not use an answer that is gibberish or impossible (i.e. “The case is on the Moon”). In exchange for having to do that, they may lie and be as creative as they like about it, as long as it is plausible. How well can you deceive the experts? Will they catch you spinning a web of lies? Will they find your achilles heel?

Question 2:
What’s the deal with the GPS info that the Investigators get to use?
A: The Investigating team receives the “straight line” map drawing of the route the contestants took, from start to finish and nothing more. They do not receive any information on starts and stops in between. They know that the contestants get one hour to hide the case.

Question 3:
Why don’t they give the case to a friend of theirs who can keep it in their car or something?
A; Rules state you must hide the case in a location that does not move and must be available and accessible to the Investigators for 24 hours a day. Any other parties that a contestant brings into the game must agree to be available to the Investigative team and play by the same rules with regards to questioning.

Question 4:
Can the contestants use alternative forms of transportation?
A: They may only use the vehicle provided for them for transportation or they may use their own two feet. No use of public transportation is allowed. They also may not separate during the 60 minute hiding period.

Question 5:
Is this real? Scripted? Are they Actors?
A: Absolutely real. All game shows are bound by law to a set of fairness and rules that are closely monitored by industry professionals and regulated by the FCC. Beyond that, the Producers, Studio and Network have a reputation that precedes them with regards to ethical behavior in the production of their shows.

Question 6:
How are the detectives chosen?
A: Producers and our Casting Department reach out to municipal police departments in the cities where we plan to shoot. They submit their applications and undergo an interview process and are chosen by consensus between the Producers and the Network.

Question 7:
Is it that difficult to hide this case, be interrogated and sit in a tiny cell for 48 hours?
A: You never know the answer to that until you play the game.

Interested in being a contestant on Take The Money And Run?

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Easy as sitting in a cell for 48 hours!

This is how to answer the casting call.

Do you have what it takes to…Take the Money and Run?

From the producers of The Amazing Race and the CSI franchise comes an entirely new heart-stopping competition show called Take the Money and Run. Combining all the elements of an edge-of-your-seat spy thriller with the excitement of rooting for real people in various locales outwitting high-level investigators, Take the Money and Run is an exhilarating competition series that will take reality television to a whole new level. The cat and mouse format will pit investigative professionals vs. everyday people trying to win the prize.

If this sounds like you, email the following to ttmarcasting@gmail.com
– Name (you and your partner)
– Relationship with partner
– Ages
– Your Occupation
– Your Phone Number
– Your Email Address
– Your city & state
– A recent photo of you and your partner, together or separate

Good Luck!

Take The Money And Run comes on ABC on Tuesdays at 9 pm.

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