I am a Mason Nation Mom

Congratulations to my oldest son for all of his hard work and determination.

That success has paid off in his getting accepted into his first choice college, George Mason University to learn the art of video game design.

Of course I live to embarrass him!

Yes, he does the leave me alone . . . → Read More: I am a Mason Nation Mom

I am officially a William & Mary Mom

Ok, so if you have been reading this blog for awhile, you already know that I am a born procrastinator.

And thus, you won’t be surprised at just how late this post really is…

Actually, you will actually be surprised that I am getting it written in the same month that the events occurred…Lol…

Anywho, I digress…

The real purpose of this blog is to state publicly just . . . → Read More: I am officially a William & Mary Mom

God works at the DMV

I’m Legal!!!

Woot! Woot!!!

Not that I was driving on the low-low.

Ummmm, no, not me.


But now I’m legal.

After paying off over $500 of court fees.

And completing the $30 VASAP class (yeah, I don’t even drink or smoke, no less use any other drugs but it was mandatory).

I finally borrowed a car . . . → Read More: God works at the DMV