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Thanks to Amazon Prime (or Netflix, if you prefer), I have finally watched the How I Met Your Mother finale.

I must join the horde of fanaddicts who abhorred the How I Met Your Mother ending.

(Yellow Umbrella > Blue French Horn)

I was ok with them killing of The Mother.

That could have been the sad series finale twist.

Or maybe Ted telling his kids that he was dying too.

But nah…

They had to piss me off by breaking up Robin and Barney.

When in (my) reality, they should have become some sort of power couple.

And I hated that Ted went running back to Robin.

It pretty much nullified his relationship with The Mother.

After all, he was moving to Chicago because his best friend was marrying the love of his life.

So maybe he just settled for The Mother because she was good enough since he couldn’t have Robin.

Boo! Hiss!! No!!!

I hated that Robin regressed back to a single-minded career woman living alone with her dogs until her Prince (Ted) comes to rescue her.

I am so sick of strong women always ending up alone on tv shows.

(Reba, anybody?!?!)

I did love that Barney fell in love with his daughter but it should have been Robin’s daughter too.

Barney (and apparently Robin too) has enough money to invest in experimental treatments to get her pregnant.

Or they could have had a surrogate.

Or adopted.


Nevertheless,  I bid faretheewell to Robin Scherbatsky (Jacoba Francisca Maria “Cobie” Smulders), Lily Aldrin (Alyson Lee Hannigan), Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), Marshall Eriksen (Jason Jordan Segel), and Theodore Evelyn “Ted” Mosby (Josh T. Radnor).

And though I hardly knew you, R.I.P. Tracy McConnell (aka The Mother, Cristin Milioti).

 P.S.  Here is the alternate HIMYM finale.

Not nearly as polished as the real finale but a much more satisfying resolution.

And for us Robin Sparkles fans…Sing it again, Coby!

Ok, her voice was really bad so that may be why this scene was deleted.

And they solved the mystery of the pineapple…

{April 27, 2014}   I am a Mason Nation Mom

Congratulations to my oldest son for all of his hard work and determination.

That success has paid off in his getting accepted into his first choice college, George Mason University to learn the art of video game design.


Of course I live to embarrass him!


Yes, he does the leave me alone Mom pose in every photo.


So my bestie got in on the embarrass him to death action!


Stand here for just ONE more! Lol.


Such a beautiful campus.


Bribed him for another photo with some GMU swag from the bookstore.

This was NOT a cheap photo. Lol.


Nagging got me this photo. I think that he just liked the statue.


One of the best things that happened during this trip was that it renewed my friend’s daughter’s enthusiasm for going to a college. Since then, she has willingly and voluntarily toured a few more colleges around VA. Her fav thus far: George Mason!!


I should have taken notes because I surely don’t remember what this is….anybody??


 And so now I am officially a Mason Mom!

And I have the car decal to prove it.


Enhanced by ZemantaThis be he…the future George Mason Alumni!

Ok, so if you have been reading this blog for awhile, you already know that I am a born procrastinator.

 And thus, you won’t be surprised at just how late this post really is…

Actually, you will actually be surprised that I am getting it written in the same month that the events occurred…Lol…

Anywho, I digress…

The real purpose of this blog is to state publicly just how proud I am of my middle son (my older son’s post is to follow. I am just doing in the order the visits occurred) for getting into the College of William and Mary.

We actually visited W&M on their admitted students day on April 12th and we had a blast (at least I did.)

In addition to a tour around the campus, they also offered the opportunity to visit a dorm.

They also offered many forums but also the opportunity to speak directly with enrollment or the financial aid office.

The latter I took full advantage of….

Anywho, here are some photos…Enjoy!

A beautiful statue.



Statue of Thomas Jefferson??? James Madison??? I don’t know…Lol. Hadn’t discovered my zoom feature yet, apparently.


Our tour guide. She had a head…I promise!


The comedy troup drumming up some business for later on….


The Student and his lil’ sis….


More statues. I was too tired to go see who they were. Thank God for zoom on my cell phone.


Paintings of, well, I am assuming William and Mary.


The kids got tired of walking around and sat down to enjoy the entertainment. Wusses!!! Lol.


Check out the future William & Mary Alumni in his first official college hoodie.

One of many, I am sure…



Check out my new decal.

I am a W&M Mom!!


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My ex called me whine, er, tell me that Child Support Enforcement had snatched his tax return for child support.

Child support groups

Child support groups (Photo credit: DFID – UK Department for International Development)

I politely commiserated while inside doing a dance of glee (ok, I was wiggling around in my chair a bit too but he couldn’t see that through the phone. Lol.)

Forward to weeks later when I am checking my balance and up pops a payment that is only 1/10 of what he says was taken.

Calling my local CSE, I found out that the have snatched 9/10 of my check to pay back the TANF that I was forced to be on years ago.


I may have not been so mad if I had been given a heads-up in advance.

I might not have been so mad if they had split the check 50/50.

I probably wouldn’t have been so vexed if they had billed him separately and not coxed it under the guile of “child support”.

As it is, I was (and still am) highly miffed.

I felt like I was billed for his inability to pay child support at the time.

I feel as if they used me to collect the debt rather than just, well, collecting the debt.

And, of course, who is suffering the most from this action…

…that’s right, the children…

Most specifically, my boys who are suppose to be going off to college.

The college who charge enrollment deposits.

Enrollment deposits which are not covered by financial aid (believe me, I checked!).

I said it before and I will say it again, welfare is a system designed to keep the recipients on welfare.

And I am glad and proud everyday that God gave me the wherewithal to pull myself up and out of  the pit of a trap.


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Eleanor Roosevelt said: “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” Tell us about a time you felt your strength.

As a parent, I feel my strength practically everyday.

Especially as a single parent.

Oh, their father is in the picture but all of the day to day living and even most of the tough decisions are on my shoulders alone.

And being a parent means getting almost none of the credit for the successes and pretty much all of the blame for the failures.

If you can’t handle that reality, you are definitely not ready to be a parent.


NaBloPoMo January 2014

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{September 16, 2013}   God works at the DMV

I’m Legal!!!

Woot! Woot!!!

Not that I was driving on the low-low.

Ummmm, no, not me.


But now I’m legal.

After paying off over $500 of court fees.

And completing the $30 VASAP class  (yeah, I don’t even drink or smoke, no less use any other drugs but it was mandatory).

I finally borrowed a car and hitched myself up to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to take the written and driving test.

So there I am, quietly reviewing the driver’s manual, when my number is called unexpectedly fast.

Like 10 minutes fast!

Up to the counter I go.

Paperwork check.

Eye check.

Photo taken.

And then she searches the computer…

…and searches the computer…

…and searches the computer.

She then asks me if I had ever had a license in Virginia.

Yes, Virginia is the only place that I have ever held a license.

So back to searching she goes.

I patiently wait while she is searching quietly humming My God is Awesome.

And still she could not find where I am suppose to take the test.

Eventually, she asks me who told me that I was suppose to take a driving test.

“I just assumed,” I reply.

I vaguely remember some rule that if you haven’t held a license for longer than a year, than you have to take a test.

So back to searching she goes.

And back to humming I go.

Finally, she prints out a paper and tells me to initial and sign.

I do and prepare to sit down to study some more when she says the magic words:

“Your license will come in the mail in about 10 days. Have a nice day.”

I be all legal, y’all!

I be all LEGAL!!!

Thank you Department of Motor Vehicles VA!

Although I still get a little fidgety every time I see a cop.

Think I’ll ever shake those nerves?

Not that I was ever driving without a license.

Oh, no, not me…..

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{August 30, 2013}   Looking for Snarky Blogs

When I originally started this blog, it was intended as a depository for all the snarky, bitchy, lazy, whiny, procrastinating, narcissistic, introverted pieces of my life.

But, well, by the time I think about posting, I have completely forgotten what I was going to post about.

And, other types of blogs make me more money than this blog.

Aaaaaaannd, they can make me money passively. Ie, whether I update the site or not, I makes my $money$.

Maybe you missed the word lazy in that first sentence up there.

Go ahead, read it again.

I’ll wait…

After all, the longer you are on my blog, the better for me.

(I hope you caught the word narcissistic or you’ll have to go read that sentence again.)

Anywho, one way to keep me interested in writing on this blog is to actually read other blogs with other sharing similar personality traits.

Yes, there are folks out there just like me.

Who knew, right.

So, back to the point of this post.

Yes, there is a point to this post.

Kudos to you if you even read this far to see that there is a point to this post.

Ok, the point is…

I’m looking for some blogs to subscribe to read.

Two simple rules.

The blog must be sarcastic, snarky, bitchy, whiney, etc…etc…etc…that mostly laughs at yourself and the world around you.

You saw the list above.

(Sorry, mom blogs with perfect angel kids, I’m not overly interested. Well, unless your kids are perfect but you, my dear, are an unruly mess.)

Second rule is that you must have the ability to Subscribe by email.


Because that’s just how I roll.

If you fit those oh-so-strict requirements, list your blog post below and I will take a looksee and subscribe.


Told you that there was a purpose to this post.

~blows raspberry at the doubters~

~The Queen Katrina


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{July 20, 2013}   Feeling accomplished
English: The monument to the working woman, Ra...

English: The monument to the working woman, Ramon Ferran’s work. Reus (year 2003) Català: Monument a la dona treballadora, obra de Ramon Ferran, Reus (any 2003) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am feeling so accomplished this week.

I got some things knocked off my to-do list while also continuing on my New Years Resolutions.

I finally signed up for a course that I have been meaning to sign up to take since February.

I have been going strong on getting my blogs up-to-date. Oh, I know that you can’t see much difference but, believe me, there is so much more to running your own blog than simply writing a post. Trust me on this one.

I have also been maintaining my gym activities. Yep, this original coach potato has been going to the gym at least 3 – 4 times per week. And sometimes I am there for 3 hours!!!! I know, gasp, right…

And I have stuck studying my scopist training back into the midst.

Woot! Woot!

I cringe to think how far I should really be by now.


I. Cringe.

And in the midst of all this, I still manage to maintain my stellar C parenting.

Well, C- being as it is summer and all. Lol.

So, yeah, I rock this week…

Stay tuned for next week though.

Will I pick it up or totally slack off!

One can never tell with me.


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{June 24, 2013}   Its almost fun at the YMCA

I am finally tackling my 2013 New Years Resolution to get into better shape.

English: YMCA logo (international and USA)

English: YMCA logo (international and USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frankly, I am out of excuses being as the just opened a YMCA down the street from my house.

It opened the last week of May and I have been going faithfully to workout.

Ok, almost faithfully.

So, this is how my thought processes have gone over the past few weeks.

Prepared to be amazed!


Started out just sitting on the bike for an hour, cruising and watching some tv.

It was like being at home but with cable.

Then I added some strength machine in there.

Mostly the ab machine being as that is my problem area.

Oh, but wait! What’s that I am seeing.

Are my arms starting the jiggle.

Oh, no, can’t have that.

Let’s throw in some arm exercises.

Hm, my legs are in pretty good shape but I’ll try out the leg presses.

Ok, so my legs are not in as good a shape as I think.

And yeah, now I remember that I wanted to work on my booty.

Lets go gluts!!

What’s that, my friend?

Zumba sounds like fun.

Ok, let’s Zumba!

Zumba demo

Zumba demo (Photo credit: ah zut)

Ooo, what’s this FitQuest and ActivTrax thingy that everyone else has?

Is that better than just randomly going from machine to machine?

It is…

Well, sign me up!

Hm, what kind of body do I want?

What is my ultimate goal?

Well, if I can’t have a big booty and big ol’ boobies then I’ll shoot for toned and muscled.

Gorgeous abs.

Muscular arms.

High, firm booty and boobies.

Somewhere in between skinny chick and body builder would be just fine.

Not this body.

Vegetarian Bodybuilder Andreas Cahling Photo! ...

Vegetarian Bodybuilder Andreas Cahling Photo! – Vegan Times Healthy Food Recipes – No Paleo Malnutrition No Crossfit Failure No Meat Cancer Baby Risk (Photo credit: vegetarians-dominate-meat-eaters-01)

This body!

Muscle Beach Swimsuits July 4th

Muscle Beach Swimsuits July 4th (Photo credit: planetc1)

But my overall goal is to go into my 40s (July 11, 2014) with a better body than even the one that I had in my 20s.
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Since Sir Mixalot starting rapping “Baby got back”, the world has come to know and understand that have a decent bum in the African American community is as critical as having a nice rack in the Caucasian American community.

Booty Call

Booty Call (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yet, alas, I have neither….


So, I decided to do some research on foods that can help me round out my down under.

After all, my friends with great kadunkadunks blame it on the pancakes.

Quite a disappoint, however, to read all the answers that say it depends on genetics.

Yeah, if that was so, I would have a dunk like to squirrels fighting because my mom sure got back and my lil’ sis ain’t too far behind her.

~double sigh~

And those exercises everyone is always harping on and on about…those of far the ladies who want to tighten there stuff up. If my stuff gets any tighter, I want be able to sit my ass down, literally.

The most information that I’ve gotten is too it plenty of breads, pasta, sodas, candy, chips, etc.

Which, hm, now that you mention it, does sound like the staples of my friends’ diets.

What a fool I have been eating all this yogurt and other healthy crap!


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