How I get Hulu Plus for FREE!!!

I haven’t paid for Hulu Plus for at least a year.

Yep, I get it absolutely free.

Well, actually, the only cost is about 10 – 15 minutes a day of my time and internet connection.

I earn credits which I cashout for a month’s worth of Hulu on

In just 15 minutes, I can complete the 15 PC searches, 10 Mobile searches, plus click on all of the Daily Offers.

So, approximately . . . → Read More: How I get Hulu Plus for FREE!!!

Review: Amazon Prime

I had originally planned to review Amazon Prime last as it was the last video streaming service that I invested in but seeing as today is the last day to get Amazon Prime for $79/year, I thought I better hopscotch it to the front.

What is Amazon Prime?

Initially, and primarily, Amazon Prime is Amazon’s priority shipping program. If you see the check box with the . . . → Read More: Review: Amazon Prime