I am back in love with Scandal

You talk about fairness and justice like it's available to everybody. It's not! Quote from Olivia Pope on Scandal.

I am back in love with Scandal.

I was getting a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach in Season 2 when the Mellie/Fitz/Olivia triangle was front in center

Scandal and I, we broke up in Season 3 when Olivia forgot her place as the Other Woman.

It is no secret that I loath President Fitz.

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Scandal: Ride, Sally, Ride

Despite the constant Twitter reminders and countdowns, I completely spaced on the fact that there was a brand new Scandal released.

Kerry Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And to top it all off, I wasn’t very psyched to watch it because one of my besties said that it was boring and that she fell asleep watching it.

Yeah, she must have really been sleepy because it was good.

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