Review: FitBit Alta

I have been dreaming and drooling over the thought of a smart watch for years.

But dream it would have to remain as I could definitely not justify spending over $100 for a watch.

Who even uses a watch these days? I check the time on my smartphone.

One day, one of my kids through a pedometer at me that they had gotten free from somewhere or another.

Clipping it to my waist, I realized just how . . . → Read More: Review: FitBit Alta

Are cell phone contracts worth the money? I did the money math.

My friend and I were having a discussion on just how much it costs to buy a Samsung Galaxy S III on contract vs the cost of paying cash for the phone and using a prepaid service.

Samsung Galaxy S III (Photo credit: John Biehler)

Since even the major companies (with the exception of Sprint, who will refer you to Virgin Mobile or Boost), offer . . . → Read More: Are cell phone contracts worth the money? I did the money math.

Dear Samsung, Size does matter

When Samsung came out with the Samsung Galaxy Note, I rushed right out to see just how big the 5.3 inches actually is…and discovered that it felt way too big in my hands….pass!

Then Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note II which is purportedly thinner yet bigger at 5.5 inches.


Not bad but still a little big for my tastes.

But, . . . → Read More: Dear Samsung, Size does matter