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Do you have a tendency to procrastinate, or do you like checking things off your to-do list?

Actually, I do both.

I like checking things off my to-do list but I also enjoy procrastinating on getting started on the list.

Case in point, I was suppose to write these posts at the end of December and here it is, January 3rd, and I am just getting started.

However, now that I have started, I am very swiftly moving down the list of prompts.

On to the next prompt!

Go Me!!


NaBloPoMo January 2014

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My body. Nevermind the hair! Lol.

My body. Nevermind the hair! Lol.

In the grand scheme of body types, I probably would be classified as “skinny”.

At least, that’s how I see myself.

And when friends and friends of friends and, heck, even Facebook friends see how often I go to the gym, the common comment is, “why, but you’re so skinny”.

But, in the privacy of my own home, comparing my BC (before children) body to my AC (after children) body, I am less than impressed.

Add to the fact that I am pushing 40 and yeah…

Once small but perky boobs are still small but not quite so perky.

Same thing with the matching small but perky rear end.

Small but droopy is not the look that I am going for.

And don’t get me started with my case of Dunlap Disease.

As in, my stomach done lapped over belt.

And should my stomach really stick out further than my boobs?

Yeah, I didn’t really think so either.

And I can’t keep calling it baby weight being as my youngest “baby” is now 14 years old.

So to answer the question why do I go to the gym eventhough I am so “skinny”.

I go so that I will like what I see when I am standing naked in the bathroom gazing in the mirror.

How’s that for an answer?

~Ms. Katrina


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{July 21, 2013}   I got a Scribie Invite

I am super excited to have a Scribie invite.

Ok, well now I am.

First I had to google Scribie to remember what it was or even if I applied.

Apparently I did.

And I don’t think that it was to long ago.

Maybe May/June.

The estimated waiting list time is 259 days.

Anywho, I am excited that even considered me for the test.

Scribie is a general transcription company that offers the following benefits:

  • Home-based job, work at your convenience
  • $10/audio hour pay rate, USD
  • Short files, 6 minutes or less
  • 2 hours TAT for each file
  • Promotion to Reviewer if performance is good
  • Monthly Bonus of $10 for every 3 hours completed
  • No obligations, no monthly commitments or withdrawal limits
  • We don’t assign; instead you pick and choose the files to work on

Work from home. Short files. No obligations. Pick my own files.

This company hits all of my wants.

Those of all of the reasons that I like transcribing for Speechink on mturk.

And then they pay a bonus for every 3 hours of audio.

So $40 for 3 hours of audio.

Not too bad for a beginning transcriptionist.

Boo! But there were no test files available.

But I set my account up to notify me when one becomes available.

There’s nothing like having another egg in your basket.

Those of you familiar with working from home know just what I am talking about!

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{December 14, 2012}   Dear Samsung, Size does matter

Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked Phone--International Version (Blue)When Samsung came out with the Samsung Galaxy Note, I rushed right out to see just how big the 5.3 inches actually is…and discovered that it felt way too big in my hands….pass!

Then Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note II which is purportedly thinner yet bigger at 5.5 inches.


Not bad but still a little big for my tastes.

But, man, do I ever want those dual screens.

And that S-pen wouldn’t hurt anything either.

Yet, still, it is a little too big….

Now I am reading stories online that Samsung is coming out with the Samsung Note III as early as January/February of next year and, guess what…

Yeah,  if you are like me, you’ll be disappointed to know that instead of going more compact, Samsung’s genius idea is to go even bigger.

6.3 inch bigger.


Doesn’t Samsung realize that their is a whole market of folks who love the technology but hate the size of the Notes.

Are they deliberately ignoring us?

Don’t they realize that the competition is just waiting to develop a similar technology in a more manageable size phone so they can swoop us up.

Read the blog posts and video reviews, Samsung, and realize what your consumers are waiting for…because size does matter!

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{September 11, 2012}   Sometimes God yells NO!!!

Sometimes God whispers.

And sometimes God yells NO! in no uncertain terms.

Last week, I was seriously comtemplating becoming a full time transcriptionist in lieu of being a professional blogger.

The very next day, I awoke with an ear ache that precluded me being able to hear and type.

So, I put off doing any work until I got better.

But apparently putting it off was not good enough.

The next day my son upgraded my computer to Windows 7.

But, guess what, the audio controls were gone.

That’s right….no sound….no even with headphones….

No sound = no transcription.

Alrighty then…

There are other options….ie, using one of the kids’ laptops while they are in school.

Uh huh…

Only, I awoke with the carpal tunnel in my left hand so, yeah, no typing…

And that was when I realized that maybe God is putting his foot down on the subject.

I am meant to be a blogger.

And if I want a more steady income, then I need to actually work harder at being a professional blogger.

End of discussion.

And how do I know that I am on the right path.

Because as soon as I made the decision….

….my ear stopped aching…

…my son fixed the computer…

…and my carpal tunnel is gone…

Case closed.

So instead of doing blogging part time and becoming a full time transcriptionist, I have reversed the plan and I am back to being a full time blogger and doing transcription part time.

For one thing, I would hate to see what God would do to me next if I continue to be such a block head. Lol.




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{July 25, 2012}   Bored with the internet

Every now and then, I just get bored with the internet.

I just feel…blah…about it…

English: A bored person

English: A bored person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Which can be a bad thing being as I work from the internet.

I just don’t want to even turn on any internet connected device.

Check email?



Not today.

It usually passes as I force myself through.

Hm. Perhaps I should track this feeling and see if it follows my cycle of the moon.


Meanwhile, maybe I should go find me some silly video on youtube to give me a case of  the giggles.


Does anyone else burn out of wanting to be on the internet every now and then?

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{July 24, 2012}   Television and Telecommuting

I recently saw a story on that said that people from home usually watch television while working.

Well, duh?!?!

Unless you have a job that requires no background noise or you find having the television on distracts you from your work, then, yeah, chances are that you are going to have the television on while typing.

In fact, I am getting caught up on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on Hulu Plus while I write this post.

Based on a survey of 1,013 American office workers, conducted in June by Wakefield Research, 43 percent watch TV or a movie.

Yet all and all, I am probably still more productive than if I was doing the same job from an office.

That is because I am able to fit my work around my schedule.

Plus, if I am stuck for a blog post topic, I can always just write about the television show that I am watching…at least on this blog!

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Last week, I had to send my Blackberry Playbook into the shop and I so miss it.

The problem is that they installled the charger port upside down and it would not charge.

BlackBerry Playbook

Actually, it would charge but I had to purchase a rapid charger which uses a different port than the regular charger.

But it was still a problem because I needed the port to connect my tablet to my computer.

I must say that the Blackberry Customer Service was excellent.

They even called back when my wonky phone disconnected the call.

As I write this, I must admit to not really missing the Playbook as much as missing the convenience of having a tablet.

Heck, if they offered to buy it back from me for at least $150, I would tell them to keep it.


One reason is that there are no ports to plug in a flash drive, which would have made moving files off the device ever so much easier.

Nor does it have the ability to install a microSD card to increase the memory.

Also, it does not have the major apps that I crave such as Kindle and Netflix.

In fact, I just want access to the whole Android market like they promised when I purchased the thing.

If I had to finances, I would actually be looking hard at getting myself a 7 inch Acer Iconia. a
Acer Iconia Tab A100

Anywho, I am (somewhat) patiently waiting for my Blackberry Playbook to come home from the shop.

Till then, I am just window shopping for my next tablet…


In case you are wondering, I am considering the Kindle Fire but it does not have a camera and only has 8 GB.

The only thing that it has over my Playbook is that it has the Google Play marketplace.

Maybe I’ll win one in all of these giveaways that I keep entering! Lol.


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