Scandal: Ride, Sally, Ride

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Despite the constant Twitter reminders and countdowns, I completely spaced on the fact that there was a brand new Scandal released.

Kerry Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And to top it all off, I wasn’t very psyched to watch it because one of my besties . . . → Read More: Scandal: Ride, Sally, Ride

Weekly Wednesday Workout Wrapup

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Usually I post on Facebook whenever I complete a workout but I think that posting a weekly wrap-up will make me more to actually workout.

Especially as I have been slacking since last Monday when I did my morning and evening Zumba and . . . → Read More: Weekly Wednesday Workout Wrapup

September is Suicide Month

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If true tales of a suicide attempt activates in detrimental triggers in your psyche, you may not want to read this post.

(Photo credit: Ragesh Vasudevan)

Not a lot of people know this, but back in 1995, I attempted suicide.

The year . . . → Read More: September is Suicide Month

Feeling accomplished

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English: The monument to the working woman, Ramon Ferran’s work. Reus (year 2003) CatalĂ : Monument a la dona treballadora, obra de Ramon Ferran, Reus (any 2003) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am feeling so accomplished this week.

I got some things knocked off my to-do . . . → Read More: Feeling accomplished

Getting back into blogging

English: Blogs on JoopeA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am finally working on my blogs seriously for the first time in a long time.

For one thing, I missed the money! Lol.

But another is that I miss being able to express myself and connecting with people who may . . . → Read More: Getting back into blogging

Its almost fun at the YMCA

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I am finally tackling my 2013 New Years Resolution to get into better shape.

English: YMCA logo (international and USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frankly, I am out of excuses being as the just opened a YMCA down the street from my house.

. . . → Read More: Its almost fun at the YMCA

Are cell phone contracts worth the money? I did the money math.

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My friend and I were having a discussion on just how much it costs to buy a Samsung Galaxy S III on contract vs the cost of paying cash for the phone and using a prepaid service.

Samsung Galaxy S III (Photo credit: John Biehler)

. . . → Read More: Are cell phone contracts worth the money? I did the money math.

Gossip Girl Series Finale: Gossip Girl Revealed!

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I must say that I have fallen woefully behind on my Upper East Side shenanigans

Gossip Girl Season 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


But since subscribing to Netflix, I have been womanfully attempting to catch up.

Starting with Season 1, . . . → Read More: Gossip Girl Series Finale: Gossip Girl Revealed!

Bored with the internet

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Every now and then, I just get bored with the internet.

I just feel…blah…about it…

English: A bored person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Which can be a bad thing being as I work from the internet.

I just don’t want to . . . → Read More: Bored with the internet

I Stand Between My Kids and Trouble

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Y’all are just gonna have to forgive any grammatical or typographical errors in this post.

Robbery not allowed (Photo credit: Arenamontanus)

I am just so steamed up that my mind is going faster than my fingers can type.

I do not live . . . → Read More: I Stand Between My Kids and Trouble