Amazon mTurk: The Introduction

What the -blip- is mTurk

Now that I am no longer working for Leapforce, you will probably hear me mention mTurk quite a bit.

At least until this blogging business takes off enough for me to be self-supportive.

Go Team!

Ok, there’s really not a team…just me….hence the mTurk to pay a few bills.

What is Amazon Turk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk) was the first crowd-sourcing . . . → Read More: Amazon mTurk: The Introduction

I got a Scribie Invite

I am super excited to have a Scribie invite.

Ok, well now I am.

First I had to google Scribie to remember what it was or even if I applied.

Apparently I did.

And I don’t think that it was to long ago.

Maybe May/June.

The estimated waiting list time is 259 days.

Anywho, I am excited that even . . . → Read More: I got a Scribie Invite