How I get Hulu Plus for FREE!!!

I haven’t paid for Hulu Plus for at least a year.

Yep, I get it absolutely free.

Well, actually, the only cost is about 10 – 15 minutes a day of my time and internet connection.

I earn credits which I cashout for a month’s worth of Hulu on

In just 15 minutes, I can complete the 15 PC searches, 10 Mobile searches, plus click on all of the Daily Offers.

So, approximately . . . → Read More: How I get Hulu Plus for FREE!!!

Cut The Cord

If you are tired of (or plain ol’ can no longer afford) the high price of cable television, there is a movement going around called cutting the cord.

The cable cord, that is…

I have been cable free since at least 2011 (not real sure of the real date) and I have been happy about it for at least two years yet.

But don’t I miss the shows, you . . . → Read More: Cut The Cord

My daughter is so Charmed

So, I was watching Charmed on my Roku when my tween daughter decided to help the girls out with their slogan.

You know the one….

“The Power of Three Will Set Us Free.”

So, here we go…

“The Power of Two Will Just Have to Do.”


“The Power of One Means I Need . . . → Read More: My daughter is so Charmed