Tell us about a time when you didn’t bend to peer pressure, and you swam against the stream.

My daily life in swimming against the stream.

From the way that I wear my hair (all natural, usually a ‘fro) to the type of man that I desire (strong and obedient).

That’s ok, though, because my real friends and family do not love me inspite and despite of my eccentricities but because of them.


NaBloPoMo January 2014

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Average penis size re-evaluated

Posted by MsKatrina on Monday Dec 2, 2013 Under Ramble
Kinsey Report

Kinsey Report (Photo credit: mrquizzical)

50 years ago, the Kinsey Institute made headlines for his research on the average size of the male penis.

Now those measurements are being re-evaluated.

The old results stated “one man in a hundred reaches beyond the 5 to 7-inch erectile median to 8; that seven men in a thousand go beyond 8; and only one in a thousand touches 9.”

But Durex and the Definitive Penis Internet surveys have cautiously proposed that there are more very big penises – between four and seven men in every hundred reaching 8 inches, between thirty and forty in every thousand reaching 9, and between ten and thirty in a thousand reaching beyond. And where the institute’s data showed that erections above 9 inches are so rare (a word, incidentally, that Kinsey himself always used rather than ‘big’) as to be statistically immeasurable, both surveys have suggested that one man in a hundred posts double figures.

Yay, for us, eh, Ladies (and dudes too).

Now, if only the bigger the penis didn’t usually equate the the guy being a giant douche.




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Wednesday Workout Report

Posted by MsKatrina on Thursday Oct 3, 2013 Under Ramble

Wow, so I have been so slacking for the past couple of weeks.

I went to about 3 Zumba classes and I did my Activtrax on Monday.

That’s about it.

Yet, I lost almost 2 lbs last week because I cut way back on snacks and foods with fructose corn syrup.

Also, I’m lazy, so the snacks that I purchased involve “cooking”.

Suffice it to say that the jello and pudding mixes are both still sitting in the cupboard and the Lemon Bars were made by the kiddos while I was gone.

I didn’t even get one.


I did purchase myself some new shoes to exercise.

Reebok Women’s FitnisFlare Shoe

They are very comfortable and my feet stopped hurting after every work out.

In fact, I wear them all the time

The design is suppose to be constantly exercising my body as I wear them.

Perhaps that is what accounts for the slight weight loss.

My goal is to add doing 100 crunches per day just to flatten the stomach.

I was looking at the calendar and ~gasp~, I only have a few months to reach my flat stomach goal by the end of the year.

Does anyone else have any fitness goals?

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September is Suicide Month

Posted by MsKatrina on Monday Sep 2, 2013 Under Ramble

If true tales of a suicide attempt activates in detrimental  triggers in your psyche, you may not want to read this post.

blood relation needs no proof

(Photo credit: Ragesh Vasudevan)

Not a lot of people know this, but back in 1995, I attempted suicide.

The year is important because it is the year that I gave birth to my first child.

In fact, the birth is most likely the cause of the attempt.

You see, it is believed that I was suffering from postpartum depression.

After giving birth, life got to be too much for me.

The child got to be too much for me.

The bills got to be too much for me.

The in-laws got to be too much for me.

The husband got to be too much for me.

I felt like a failure.

And in the middle of an argument with my spouse, I went in the bathroom, grabbed a bottle of aspirin, and swallowed.

Then I proceeded to throw the bottle in the face of my husband (over an argument that I can’t even remember any of the details) and laid down in my bed with my hand in the cradle of my newborn baby and prepared to die.

I don’t know how long I lay there while my family debated whether I had really taken the pills or if I was faking it for attention.

But deciding to err on the side of caution, an ambulance was called.

My next memories are of a doctor grilling me on what I had taken.

A tube being none to gently thrust down my throat.

The grueling feeling and taste of the charcoal been pumped into my system.

A psychologist talking to me about all that I had to live for.

And finally, my crying and begging to go home.

To go home to my precious newborn son.

Who needed me.

And, apparently, I needed him.

Because despite the birth being weeks before, the day that I attempted suicide actually was the day that I became a Mother.

I had never had a thought of suicide prior to this incident.

And I have never had another thought of suicide since.

I was, and am, a cry a little then pick yourself up and keep it moving type of gal.

Hormones, though, they are a bitch.

So, what do I get out of writing this article.

Well, for one, I am publicly acknowledging that my oldest child saved my life.

Second, to let pregnant women know to keep an eye out for signs of depression even after the baby is born.

And, to let those around a woman who has just given birth to keep an eye out for any signs of depression.

Even in the woman who has never before exhibited any signs of depression.

In fact, all that spoiling you did while Mom was still pregnant…yeah, do more of that.

If you or a friend are considering suicide please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273- (8255). It is free and confidential.

~Queen Katrina of the Crooked Halo

Blogging For Suicide Prevention BadgeBlogging For Suicide Prevention Badge

USC’s MSW Programs Blog Day.








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Looking for Snarky Blogs

Posted by MsKatrina on Friday Aug 30, 2013 Under Reward

When I originally started this blog, it was intended as a depository for all the snarky, bitchy, lazy, whiny, procrastinating, narcissistic, introverted pieces of my life.

But, well, by the time I think about posting, I have completely forgotten what I was going to post about.

And, other types of blogs make me more money than this blog.

Aaaaaaannd, they can make me money passively. Ie, whether I update the site or not, I makes my $money$.

Maybe you missed the word lazy in that first sentence up there.

Go ahead, read it again.

I’ll wait…

After all, the longer you are on my blog, the better for me.

(I hope you caught the word narcissistic or you’ll have to go read that sentence again.)

Anywho, one way to keep me interested in writing on this blog is to actually read other blogs with other sharing similar personality traits.

Yes, there are folks out there just like me.

Who knew, right.

So, back to the point of this post.

Yes, there is a point to this post.

Kudos to you if you even read this far to see that there is a point to this post.

Ok, the point is…

I’m looking for some blogs to subscribe to read.

Two simple rules.

The blog must be sarcastic, snarky, bitchy, whiney, etc…etc…etc…that mostly laughs at yourself and the world around you.

You saw the list above.

(Sorry, mom blogs with perfect angel kids, I’m not overly interested. Well, unless your kids are perfect but you, my dear, are an unruly mess.)

Second rule is that you must have the ability to Subscribe by email.


Because that’s just how I roll.

If you fit those oh-so-strict requirements, list your blog post below and I will take a looksee and subscribe.


Told you that there was a purpose to this post.

~blows raspberry at the doubters~

~The Queen Katrina


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Sometimes God yells NO!!!

Posted by MsKatrina on Tuesday Sep 11, 2012 Under Religion

Sometimes God whispers.

And sometimes God yells NO! in no uncertain terms.

Last week, I was seriously comtemplating becoming a full time transcriptionist in lieu of being a professional blogger.

The very next day, I awoke with an ear ache that precluded me being able to hear and type.

So, I put off doing any work until I got better.

But apparently putting it off was not good enough.

The next day my son upgraded my computer to Windows 7.

But, guess what, the audio controls were gone.

That’s right….no sound….no even with headphones….

No sound = no transcription.

Alrighty then…

There are other options….ie, using one of the kids’ laptops while they are in school.

Uh huh…

Only, I awoke with the carpal tunnel in my left hand so, yeah, no typing…

And that was when I realized that maybe God is putting his foot down on the subject.

I am meant to be a blogger.

And if I want a more steady income, then I need to actually work harder at being a professional blogger.

End of discussion.

And how do I know that I am on the right path.

Because as soon as I made the decision….

….my ear stopped aching…

…my son fixed the computer…

…and my carpal tunnel is gone…

Case closed.

So instead of doing blogging part time and becoming a full time transcriptionist, I have reversed the plan and I am back to being a full time blogger and doing transcription part time.

For one thing, I would hate to see what God would do to me next if I continue to be such a block head. Lol.




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NonSmokers Should Drink A Little

Posted by MsKatrina on Sunday May 30, 2010 Under Ramble

A report published in the May edition of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease states that moderate drinking may protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease in otherwise healthy people.

The Spanish study goes on to say that nonsmoking woman seem to benefit the most from alcholic consumption.

Ana M. Garcia, from the University of Valencia‘s department of medicine and public health, released the statement, “Our results suggest a protective effect of alcohol consumption, mostly in non-smokers, and the need to consider interactions between tobacco and alcohol consumption, as well as interactions with gender, when assessing the effects of smoking and/or drinking on the risk of Alzheimer’s disease”.

“Interactive effects of smoking and drinking are supported by the fact that both alcohol and tobacco affect brain neuronal receptors,” Garcia explained.

The study was a  comparative analysis of the medical background,  smoking,  and drinking habits among people with Alzheimer’s disease versus  a group of healthy individuals of similar gender and age.

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The Obese and the Hungry Need Billions

Posted by MsKatrina on Friday May 28, 2010 Under Ramble
Hungry Child
Image by imchaudhry photo via Flickr

There are 17 million households that have to skip meals in order to make ends meet.

Child hunger costs the US economy at least 28 billion dollars per year “because poorly nourished children perform less well in school and require far more long-term health care spending,” says US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsac

“Further, food insufficiency severely hampers children’s emotional, intellectual, and physical development, and it strongly hinders the upward mobility of their parents”, Mr. Vilsac continues.

On the other end of the scale is childhood obesity.

A third of the nation’s youth are obese or are on the road to becoming so.

“Research shows that youngsters who are either obese or who are hungry simply do not learn as well as they ought to,” said Mr. Vilsack.

Everything that's wrong with America

Image by msmail via Flickr

Mr. Vilsack called on lawmakers to “appropriate one billion dollars a year more into programs” aimed at ending these two twin crises.

Not only was it morally wrong for so many children to be going hungry in the world’s richest nation, but hunger and obesity also impact the economy, US competitively, and even national security, Mr. Vilsack argued.

In his child nutrition bill, President Barack Obama, in his budget proposal for 2011, set aside an additional one billion dollars a year over a 10 year span.

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