Can a random blog make money?

I have been inspired by a Pinch of Yum to see if my rambling, random blog can actually make money.

You see, they decided to see if a food blog can bring in the money.

But I am wondering if my, to borrow from Seinfeld, “blog about nothing” can accomplish the same results.

Probably not.

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Do you have a tendency to procrastinate, or do you like checking things off your to-do list?

Do you have a tendency to procrastinate, or do you like checking things off your to-do list?

Actually, I do both.

I like checking things off my to-do list but I also enjoy procrastinating on getting started on the list.

Case in point, I was suppose to write these posts at the end of December and here it is, January 3rd, and I am just getting started.

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Tweevip is a Twitter Scam

I don’t know how they found.

Probably because I twitted that I have always wanted to be an extra.

Or, possibly they just targeted me from someone’s twitter list.

The possibilites are too mind staggering for me to contemplate this early in the morning.

And googling them turned up nothing relevant but this one article which clearly states that they are a scam.

This reporter . . . → Read More: Tweevip is a Twitter Scam

October $10 Paypal Giveaway

Congratulations to the winner of September’s Paypal giveaway.

Your Paypal payment is already winging its way to you.

I loved…just loved!…how well last month’s blog giveaway went…and so, I’m doing it again…

…and possibly again and again, month after month, if it continues to go so well…

So, enter today, and keep entering, and I’ll keep doing it…

…and we’ll able be happy (-ier, -ish).

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Weekly Wednesday Workout Wrapup

The Wrap-up

Usually I post on Facebook whenever I complete a workout but I think that posting a weekly wrap-up will make me more to actually workout.

Especially as I have been slacking since last Monday when I did my morning and evening Zumba and that’s it.

For 9 days.

Unless back-to-school shopping counts (and in my mind, it totally does!).

To start this party off right, . . . → Read More: Weekly Wednesday Workout Wrapup

$10 Paypal Giveaway

Sooo, I want need to get my numbers back up on this blog.

To be perfectly honest, the more traffic I get to this blog, the more income I make on those lovely ads I have so unobtrusively placed.

And the more money I make, the more inspired I am to write about my wacky life.

So, I am gambling that I will earn more than I am giving . . . → Read More: $10 Paypal Giveaway

They don’t see my body the way I see my body

My body. Nevermind the hair! Lol.

In the grand scheme of body types, I probably would be classified as “skinny”.

At least, that’s how I see myself.

And when friends and friends of friends and, heck, even Facebook friends see how often I go to the gym, the common comment is, “why, but you’re so skinny”.

But, in the privacy of my own home, comparing my BC . . . → Read More: They don’t see my body the way I see my body

Survey Rant

I love taking surveys for cash and prizes.

I even like having my opinion being heard and appreciated.

I don’t even mind when they disqualify me after a few questions.

What I hate is when the ask you a bazillion questions then they disqualify you.

If I am 15 minutes in, I should get something for crimony sake!!




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…but I don’t hate the savings!

I think I hate couponing…

Making sure that I get a paper every Sunday (or shelling out the bucks for a subscription!)…

Feeling the need to actually read the newspaper because I paid for it…

Checking out the sales ads to see what is on sale that I already have a coupon for…

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Cutting out all of the coupons…

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I want my Daily Buzz, CW FAIL!!!

Image by tedmurphy via Flickr

For years now, I have had one daily morning habit.

No not coffee.

Never touch the stuff.

Using the laboratory.

Nah, that occurs a little later.

My daily habit of choice was tuning my television to channel 27 and watching The Daily Buzz.

Yet, last week, when I changed the channel at 6 am sharp, there was no Daily Buzz.

Nor was it there the next day.

Or the . . . → Read More: I want my Daily Buzz, CW FAIL!!!