Apple, Adblock, and Ad Revenue for social bloggers

How will Apple's push of ad blocking software affect your blogging income-

In my google news feed, I read the news that Apple is now actively encouraging its customers to download an ad block software in IOS9.

My first thought was, and still remains, and “oh, noooo!!!” on behalf of my niche blog which is my biggest Adsense earner.

Unfortunately, a great deal of the traffic for that website comes via mobile devices and a healthy percentage of that are Apple devices.

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Sometimes God yells NO!!!

Sometimes God whispers.

And sometimes God yells NO! in no uncertain terms.

Last week, I was seriously comtemplating becoming a full time transcriptionist in lieu of being a professional blogger.

The very next day, I awoke with an ear ache that precluded me being able to hear and type.

So, I put off doing any work until I got better.

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