God works wonders in one week

Posted by MsKatrina on Tuesday Aug 14, 2012 Under Religion

I have a friend who has been struggling from homelessness for over two years.

Not the kind of homeliness that you are probably picturing…

Dirty with a shopping cart sleeping under a bridge.

No, this is the kind of homeliness that practically goes unnoticed in society.

One of a hard working mother who just cannot seem to save up enough to pay a deposit so she moves her and her kids from friend’s to friend’s house.

But on this faithful Sunday, our Pastor calls a prophecy.

He says that he doesn’t know who he is talking to but the person who has been struggling for two years and still has been faithful to God, that person’s season of hardship is over.

On that very Monday, she gets notice from her social worker that they can pay her first month’s rent and deposit.

That very day she calls landlords and finds one just down the street from me who is aware of and takes that type of payment.

By the evening, we have viewed the apartment and she has completed the application.

By that Tuesday evening, he has confirmed her income and approved her for the apartment.

By that Wednesday, social services has written a promissary note and she has keys!!!

For the first time in Years!!

But is God done?


On Thursday, the water is on.

But there is a problem of an overdue electric bill.

And do you think that a $600 power bill can stop my God.


Because God put it on the heart of just one of the dozen of customer service workers at dom.com to turn on her power if she can pay just $200 of that bill.

And here’s the kicker…the power was on even before she made the payment.

Yep, on Thursday night, she and her three daughters spent their very first night in the comfort and security of their own home!!

On Saturday, with the help of an Explorer, Expedition, and a pickup truck, her furniture was moved in her new home and out of storage.

A new home in one week.

From one Sunday to the next, you went from homeless to being a tenant in good standing.

You can’t tell me there is no God and that my God ain’t good!!!


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She is living an inspiring life

Posted by MsKatrina on Monday Jul 2, 2012 Under Ramble

I am being so inspired by my friend.

No, she is not rich.

A happy woman

A happy woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, she is not famous.

But today, she has moved from living an impoverished life to a life with more substance.

She has a good source of income.

She found a good man.

She has moved out of public housing.

She is traveling.

She is living a wonderful life, in God and in the world.

In truth, the secret to her success is God.

And remember, the key is not to envy someone else’s good life but, instead, to be inspired by it.

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You’re a good tenant but get out…..

Posted by MsKatrina on Wednesday May 16, 2012 Under Ramble

So I was doing some research for my blog Voucherlist.org when up pops a news story of a law to allow landlords to kick tenants out when your lease is up.

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 31:  A 'For Rent' sign stand...

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 31: A 'For Rent' sign stands in front of a house on May 31, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. According to the Standard & Poor's Case-Shiller Home Price Index home prices fell in March in 18 of the 20 metropolitan areas monitored by the index, reaching their lowest levels since the housing bubble burst in 2006. In Chicago, were nearly 30 percent of homes offered for sale are bank owned, prices have fallen 7.6 percent from a year ago. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Even if you are always on time with your rent.

Even if you have never caused them a lick of trouble.

Yes, you, the most admirable tenant in the world…you too can be given the boot at the landlord’s whim…at least according to this bill.

Well, for one, I always assumed that landlords could do that anyway.

But, the question that I ask today isn’t whether or not landlords can…I ask should landlords should be able too.

The landlords are saying that tenants have too much power now while tenants are saying that this bill would give landlords too much authority.

Personally, I am topsy turvy on this action but I tend to fall down on the side of the tenant.

Unless there is major structural damage to the unit, I see no reason for an admirable tenant to be ejected from home.

Yes, home…

No apartment….

No unit…


Or, will just have to make it equal and the tenant can have to ability to leave before the lease is up with absolutely no penalties.

How would landlords like those apples?



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