Amazon Flex will now easily pay you $18 – $25 to deliver packages

I make $18/hour delivering Amazon

After almost a year of searching, I finally found a job to replace the loss of my Leapforce contract. I am actually writing this post while patiently waiting for my pickup number to be called. So all you Amazon Prime members get on your Apple, Android, or Amazon device, download the Amazon Now app, and get to ordering!

Meanwhile, this post is more or less stream of consciousness being typed on my Amazon Kindle 7 while . . . → Read More: Amazon Flex will now easily pay you $18 – $25 to deliver packages

Amazon mTurk: The Introduction

What the -blip- is mTurk

Now that I am no longer working for Leapforce, you will probably hear me mention mTurk quite a bit.

At least until this blogging business takes off enough for me to be self-supportive.

Go Team!

Ok, there’s really not a team…just me….hence the mTurk to pay a few bills.

What is Amazon Turk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk) was the first crowd-sourcing . . . → Read More: Amazon mTurk: The Introduction

True Blood and other HBO shows now streaming on Amazon

I am super excited to announce that I just started watching True Blood for free with my Amazon Prime membership.

I have access to HBO Go but it is one of the glitches apps on my Roku Streaming Media Player.

My friend says that she isn’t having a problem with it but there are days were it can take me up to 20 minutes to get a show to play.

. . . → Read More: True Blood and other HBO shows now streaming on Amazon

Review: Amazon Prime

I had originally planned to review Amazon Prime last as it was the last video streaming service that I invested in but seeing as today is the last day to get Amazon Prime for $79/year, I thought I better hopscotch it to the front.

What is Amazon Prime?

Initially, and primarily, Amazon Prime is Amazon’s priority shipping program. If you see the check box with the . . . → Read More: Review: Amazon Prime

Cut The Cord

If you are tired of (or plain ol’ can no longer afford) the high price of cable television, there is a movement going around called cutting the cord.

The cable cord, that is…

I have been cable free since at least 2011 (not real sure of the real date) and I have been happy about it for at least two years yet.

But don’t I miss the shows, you . . . → Read More: Cut The Cord

The Royal (Amazon) Store

Hey, guess what! I’ve started my own Amazon Store. What makes my store different is that it is only stocked with stuff that I have owned and/or used and heartily recommend. . . . → Read More: The Royal (Amazon) Store