Giveaway Guru

Do you need to increase your numbers?

Want to sponsor a huge money give-away but can’t afford it by yourself?

Well, I have the solution for you!

You can join anyone of my blogger giveaway opportunities at a price that you can afford…there are even free options!

Why join?

  • Increase visits to your blog
  • Increase your followers, fans, and subsribers
  • All the marketing and leg-work is done for you
  • Only invest as much as you can afford

There have been many times where I wanted to join a blogger opportunity for the big money prizes but my funds just would not cover it.

I don’t want any blogger to ever feel that way.

For just a few dollars, I will add your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Subscriber, or more.

What’s the next event?

  • Fourth of July
  • My Birthday (July 11th)
  • August Back To School  (College)
  • September Back to School (High School)
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Chritmas

How do you join?

Freebie Blogger

The first option is to join as a blogger, the free option

As a blogger, you agree to promote the giveaway on your social media in exchange for having your link added for free.

It is an easy tit-for-tat.

What’s the catch?

The catch is that there are a few obligations that I expect from you.

  • A blog post with the give-away code on it (can be part of any family friendly post)
  • A tweet when the give-away goes live
  • A pin when the sweepstakes goes live
  • A Facebook status update when the contest goes live

That’s it. Those are your only obligations. Anything else, of course, will be greatly appreciated because the more it is advertised, the more entries that we will have, and the more our numbers will all go up.


Sponsors are listed as such above the entry form.

This often results in many clicks to your website.

Sponsors come in various packages;

Just a Link:  $5

This package includes your name and link under the sponsor heading.

Link and social: $10

This package includes your name, link, and 1 social account (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Link and multi-social: $15

This package includes your name, link, and 3 social accounts.

Link, multi-social, and shout-out: $20

This package includes name, link, 3 social accounts, and a daily Twitter shout-out for the length of the sweepstakes.


Just want to add your social media links?

Not interested or cannot afford to be a sponsor?

For every link that you want added, it will cost you just $1.

Want a Twitter Follow, a Facebook like, and a Pinterest follow? $3 please.

Or perhaps you would prefer a Twitter re-tweet and a Pinterest re-pin. $2 thank you.

Just want comments on a particular post. Yours for only $1.

That’s right. You set your price.

Please total all of your purchases and send the appropriate amount to with all of your links to be added.