Superpoints Review

I was paid by Superpoints so I think it apropos that I do a review.

Superpoints is micro-earner website that pays you in Superpoints that can be cashed in for cash, reward cards, and goods.

Superpoints is good if you are trying to earn a prize for yourself or for bloggers who want to sponsor a giveaway.

Ever wondered if Superpoints Really pays?

What’s good About Superpoints

  • Superpoint pays (the most important thing, right?)
  • Clicking the SuperButton is extremely easy
  • Other ways to earn are equally as easy
  • Leaderboards to show you the “competition”. Lol.
  • Earn points for referrals (and Superpoints is invite only so they need a sponsor to join)

What’s bad about Superpoints

  • If you were a member of Superpoints years ago, you still have to make a new account and start from scratch
  • No clear cut instructions on how to earn
  • No clear explanations on XP points or Karma
  • Complicated reward system for those of us who like 1 point = 1 penny simplicity
  • Pay very slowly if you do not upgrade to Platinum (Boo!)
  • Only 1 account per household
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As I stated, I was just paid my $1 Paypal but Superpoints.

Paypal Proof that Superpoints does pay

I cashed out on July 20, 2015 and almost a month later, I finally got that dollar.

So, don’t be in desperate need of funds when you cash out from Superpoints! Geesh. Lol.

That $1 cost me 2200 Superpoints.

What are Superpoints?

Superpoints are just the assigned value for completing a task.

Sometimes those values are set in stone.

Other times, you win a varied amount of Stumblepoints for activities such as clicking the SuperLucky Button or clicking on an email for Superpoints.

How do you earn Superpoints?

You can earn Superpoints daily:

  • Signing into Superpoints (1 Superpoint just for logging into the website)
  • Clicking the SuperLucky button (how many clicks you get depends on your level. Basic level receives 20/day. I am Bronze, so I have 35/day. Amount of points per click vary up from 0 to 1000). Every 10th spin, they show you an advertisement.
  • Clicking the Daily Click Surprise (1 Supepoint)
  • Clicking the link in the email (amount per click can vary up from zeor but I recently learned that it is still important to click them open in order to increase and maintain your Karma).
  • Visiting and submitting to Stumble Rewards (if you are familiar with StumbleUpon, it is very similar, only you could win points for visiting or submitting). P.S. I don’t thumbs down anything in Stumble Rewards as it can affect another Superpoint user negatively. Just hit the Discover button again and keep on moving.
  • Completing offers and surveys (some offers are as simple as watching a quick video)
  • Inviting others to join Superpoints (750 Superpoints for each new member you recruit) Hint! Hint!! (Join now. Please and thank you.) Hint.
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What Rewards can you earn

With the exception of Bing where I cash out for Hulu Plus, I look for programs that allow redemption in cash, paypal, or Amazon gift certificates. Superpoints offers Paypal and Amazon.

If you prefer cashing out your points for actual prizes, there are small prizes such as a hide-a-key or a deck of Uno cards. And then there are bigger prizes such as a Coach bag or an Apple iPad. And, of course, there are huge prizes such as a LG refrigerator or LG washer/dryer combo.

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Are you a member of Superpoints? Have you been paid? What has been your experience? Are there better micro-earners out there that you would like to recommend?

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