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I was reading More Than Words, Volume 7: Compassion Can’t Wait\Someplace Like Home\What the Heart Wants, and the first story was by Carly Phillips and featured the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation.

“The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation (a 501(c)(3)public charity) provides emergency assistance within 24 hours to single caregivers of children with catastrophic or life threatening illnesses who are in financial crises. Working in partnership with 12 pediatric hospitals nationally, we have helped over 7,000 family members in the past nine years. Without ASRL’s support, many children with life threatening illnesses would be facing pain, treatments, fear, and at times, even their death, without a parent by their side.”

What a worthy charity. The story was OK but my mind keeps coming backto the charity years after I read the book.

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In fact, I kept the book just because of the charities in it and the thought that some day I will do something to contribute.

My heart goes out to any and all parents who ever has been in this position.

And how heartbreaking would it be to have to chose between spending time with your hospitalized child and having to maintain your household bills and expenses.

I donated to the Andre Sobel River Of Life Foundation. After you reading this, you will too.

So, every month, for each subscriber, I will donate $.10.

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Right now, I have just one subscriber, so I will be definitely be donating a dime.

But, if 100 people subscribe, then I will be donating $10.

1000 subscribers will get the charity $100.

Right now, there is no cap on the amount of subscribers and the current count is live updated as:

As long as you are subscribed to this blog, you will be doing your part for this worthy charity.

Or you can make your charitable donation to the children and their families directly to the Andre Sobel Rive of Life Foundation or  mail your donation to:

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The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation
P.O. Box 361460
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Or call us at (310) 276-7111 to make a credit card contribution by phone.

In gratitude for your gift, you will receive a complete report demonstrating how your funds are used.

Thank you for Subscribing to Ms Crooked Halo by Email and donating to the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation.

Please remember to confirm you subscription so that you can be counted!

Are there any charities that you regularly donate too?

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