Spooked by Spokeo

OMG, have you’ve seen this???

Or, rather have you seen you on this???

Spokeo takes information about you from around the web and places them in one handy dandy spot.

Anyone can find your address, income, probably even your mother’s brother’s sister’s maiden name.

All they need is your full name, phone number, or email address.

Oh, and $35.95 to see your whole life story.

I can practically hear the paranoids freakin’ out from here!

The great news is that Spokeo makes it simple to remove yourself from their database.

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Do a search for yourself (or someone else) and click on it.

Copy the link from the address bar.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find

Click on Privacy.
Insert the url that you have previously copied into the box.
Enter a valid email address and the verification code.
After submitting, check your email and click on the verification email.
Within minutes, your information should be gone.
Easy Peasy.
The only cache is that they cannot guarantee that it will never be re-added.
Also, check all of your email accounts and phone numbers as well.

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3 comments to Spooked by Spokeo

  • The question is for how long? Even if you request to have your information removed from the Spokeo people search, whenever they update their databases from social networks and public records sites, you could end up back on the site.

    The best advice for people worried about their personal information online is not to post it in the first place.


  • admin

    Very true. Which is why you can either drive yourself crazy worrying about it, shrug and remove it when you find it, or just don't engage in anything social online at all.


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