Sorry Excuse For A Blogger

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I know…

I know…

I know…

I have been a sorry excuse for a blogger.

Apologies all around.

But, I have been uber busy moving all of my domains…

Yep, 4 out of 5 now have new homes.

It was actually more work to move them than it was to make them in the first place.

But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about you.

And all the little things that you do for me.

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There have been things that I wanted to say..

They, err, just slip my mind at the moment.

But, that’s what makes this blog so personal, yes.

That I write each day, as I live it, rather a bunch of prewritten jibber jabber.

Just so that you know, I’ll be back to my regurly scheduled daily rambles and rants by the end of the week…next week tops…ok, no later than November …I pwomise…

So, are we good now?


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Now, sweetie, do me a favor and subscribe so that I can keep you up to date on my quirky life.

Hm, would be a cute domain…

Ok, Trina…step away from the web host domain register….

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