Social Services Suck

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“Welfare Mom”

Its a dreaded term synomimous with dredge on society.

Because the “Welfare Moms” that make the news are always the do nothing, want nothing, entitled yet neglect my children mothers.

And, you’d be surprised to learn just how hard it is to break the welfare curse even if you want too.

Let’s first give homage to those excellent social workers who are overworked and underpaid.

My hats off to you for balancing the stress you feel coming from the bean counters above you and the struggling families in desperate need.

So, why is just so difficult for a family to break the welfare curse.

Because the program is designed for you to fail.

Now, true, it is better than it was years ago but, let’s face it, it still sucks!

Let’s take this example.

So, you’ve just lost your job (or the hubby turns out to be a S.O.B. in disguise).

You’ve been applying for a job over a month now and you’ve not gotten so much as a nibble.

Because in this economy, it is even difficult to get a job with the temporary agencies because their are so many applicants. 🙁

All of your savings are gone.

And you’ve still got children to feed, clothe, and shelther.

What to do?

Swallow your pride and head to your local welfare office.

After sitting in the office for well over 4 hours, you are told that your application will be processed in 30 – 45 days.

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Your case is not en emergency.

You’ve had some money within the last 7 days, haven’t you.

Uh…what are your children going to eat between now and then.

You’re handed a list of churches that hand out food and are sent on your way to humble yourself some more.

And you’ll have to go to multiple churches because they attempt is to at least provide you with one meal, not feed your family for an entire week.

You also find out about the fellowship meals so your family goes there to get a hot dinner.

Pretty good if your kids are in school, not so hot if it is summer time.

Meanwhile, even a job did call you, you don’t even have bus fare or gas funds to get there.

After another month of feeling like a complete loser, you finally get the paper that proves you are indeed a drain on society.

But, hey, at least your kids can eat!

But wait….how much do they give you to take care of 3 kids.

A whopping $386.

No, that’s not a misprint.

The amount that they give in food stamps ($650+) is quite respectable but what bills do they think you can pay with $386?!?!


Light Bill?


Well, now you qualify for one of those free phone services that you see advertised everywhere so you call one of them so you can ditch the house and cell phone bill.

But, wait…

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Its taking 1 – 2 months to even receive the phone because of the amount of folks requesting one.

Great. Just great.

Can’t win for losing.

You stave the bills off as best you can will keeping a few dollars in your pocket for transportation because, guess what!

Because you are now on “the check”, you have to go to the mandatory welfare class from 9 am – 3 pm.

And you have to arrange for your own child care or bring the kiddos with you because your child gets off the school bus well before you’ll be able to make it back home after the meeting.

When you get to the meeting, you mistakenly believe that they will assess your case to better assist you with your needs and get you off of welfare as quick as possible.

Nope, the meetings are one size fits all.

They talk about drug use.

You don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs.

They talk about how to dress.

As a matter of point, you’re dressed as if you were going to an interview right now.

Nice blouse. Nice slacks. Discreet jewelry. No perfume.

They talk about resumes.

Your resume is nicer than the ones they are using as an example.

At this point, you know that you could be teaching this class instead of taking it.



And recognizing that this will be your life for the next couple of weeks.

And we haven’t even scratched the surface of the frustration involved for the nonhustlers on “the system”.

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How about getting a job in June, right before school lets out, but not getting approved for child care until September.

How about requesting bus fare or gas allowance and being told that there are no funds available but you’re still required to look for a job.

How about the fact that government can find a flea on a dog with the resources that they have but they can’t find the absentee parent so they can pay child support because that parent crossed state lines.

If you think that being on welfare is truly getting something for nothing, then you’ve never been nor never known the true walk of a “welfare mom”.

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4 comments to Social Services Suck

  • Jeanette

    I wish that Child Support Enforcement should do just that< enforce the order no matter where the non-custodial parent resides. The laws should be the same nation wide so that those of us who have children can depend on receiving money that our children so rightly deserve! Some states pay the custodial parent and the go after the "deadbeat parent", where Virginia is a commonwealth the don't do enough to get the money and the non-custodial gets further in arrears, leaving the child to suffer. The system needs to be fixed so that the children are not the ones being made to pay for bad parents!


    • Queen Katrina

      I've long held the belief that the child support enforcement agency should pay the custodial parent and then go after the custodial parent regardless of whether you are on TANF or not. It seems that they only want to go after them when you're on "the check".

      And there should be a minimum of say $500 per child. The noncustodial parent will then make out a payment plan with the CSE based on his/her income.

      And yes, it should be nationwide child support enforcement.

      If they leave the state and aren't paying, drag their butts right back in those lovely iron bracelets!

      Two things will result.

      1. Men will stop spreading their seed around so thick because they'll be coming out of their pocket for the rest of their lives.

      2. A lot less contention between the custodial and the noncustodial parent over money. Which can only but benefit the kids on both fronts.

      You lay down, you pay up. End of story.


  • The Republicans state they would like to cut 20 present out of the budget of the Department of Education so how could a single mom like me keep going with my educations should the scale back on federal grants?


  • Senaah

    Your post made me cry. Ditto^^ That sums up what I've been through. It's hard enough going through it, but even harder when your faced with uncompassionate people who don't understand how hard it is. Love ur blog^^

    Peace and love,
    Senaah Moon


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