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{July 2, 2012}   She is living an inspiring life

I am being so inspired by my friend.

No, she is not rich.

A happy woman

A happy woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, she is not famous.

But today, she has moved from living an impoverished life to a life with more substance.

She has a good source of income.

She found a good man.

She has moved out of public housing.

She is traveling.

She is living a wonderful life, in God and in the world.

In truth, the secret to her success is God.

And remember, the key is not to envy someone else’s good life but, instead, to be inspired by it.

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Lizzie says:

Keep living a happy life and inspire more people! :)

MsKatrina says:

Thank you. I pray that you will do the same!

Good for your friend and to you for being happy for her. Many times instead of being happy for our friend’s good forture, we are envious.

MsKatrina says:

It takes way to much energy to be envious of someone’s good fortune. And being envious sure does not help bring your own good fortune to pass.

Olga says:

God is definitely the secret to anyone’s success. :D

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