Seven Reasons Why I effing HATE APPLE!!!!!!!!

I may be the only person in the world that feels this way but I absolutely hate Apple.

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About two years ago, I was so excited to purchase an Apple iPod Touch.

Everybody was raving about how wonderful Apple products are and saying that once you buy one, you’ll be hooked to Apple forever.

Bull effing squat.

1. First off, you can’t even walk out the store using your Apple product (I got mine from a Radio Shack so I am not sure if this is so if you buy directly from Apple).

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Nope, you have to have a computer on which you can download that stupid and useless iTunes program.

Good thing that I had just had my internet turned on, huh?

So stupid.

I wanted to play with it on my way home  (all you see is a big ol’ Apple when you turn it on).

2. Did I mention that I hate iTunes.

It slows down my computer something horrible.

I don’t have the world’s fastest computer to begin with but having iTunes makes it drag like I am using dial up.

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3. Want to upgrade you Apple iPod Touch memory. Ok…buy another iPod….because you cannot add an SD card or Flash drive. Nope, you are stuck with what you have internally.  Oh, and those GBs fill up rather more quickly than you can even anticipate.

4. Stupid passwords. I love my Google Play. If it is free, no password required. Yet, stupid Apple seems to think that I need to enter a password every freakin’ time. And, what makes it worse…it just told me that the password that I reset not 10 minutes ago….and wrote down….is not the correct password?!?! And why can’t it just remember the password for me!?!?

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5. I just heard on The Daily Buzz that businesses have determined that people who buy certain products (ahem. Apple computers) are more likely to pay more. Ie, go to the library and use their windows computer to book that hotel room. I’m just sayin’….

English: Apple iPod touch and plastic stand.

English: Apple iPod touch and plastic stand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. You can’t change the battery. Although I think this one is pretty much universal on all “tablet” type devices. But I think I heard that you can’t even change the battery on the iPhone either. I have never had a device where doing a hard start by removing the battery has not been necessary even occasionally. Even on my Blackberry Playbook, I have had to drain the battery entirely and then recharge it for a hard boot. Not being able to take out the battery right quick sucks all around for tablet devices.

7. Apple thinks that it is so intuitive that it shouldn’t even bother providing instructions on how to do stuff.  I don’t know how many times I have yelled at my iPod because it wasn’t intuitive to me. Frankly, I think they should take the darn thing to a nursing home and let some 65+ people try to work it without any assistance and when it gets to the point that they can do it, well, then maybe so can I.  I guess at the ripe ol’ age of almost 38, I am not Apple’s target audience. My 16-year-old wiz kid must be.

That’s ok, though, Apple. Google will take my money for a product that works quite simply.  You keep going after the market of my unemployed kid, ok.

Oh, wait, he no longer wants an iPhone either.

Uh oh….

To prove my point, I am downloading the same app to my Google Plus phone and my iPod Touch. Google Plus was done, signed in, and running in 15 minutes. It has been two hours, and I still have not gotten the app on my iPod.

Do you see my problem?

Because you won’t be seeing anymore of my money!!!

I will never buy another Apple product as long as I live.

The only way another Apple will be registered to me is if someone gives me one FREE.

I sometimes love my Apple iPod.

Mostly when I am simply using it and not actually trying to do anything.

Read a book on Kindle.

Watch a video on Youtube.

Simple Stuff.

It is the perfect size to slide into my pocket.

But I still effing HATE Apple.

 Although I may still troll the Apple store when I go to the mall.

Not to be a hypocrite, but they do make some purty stuff.

Just warn the sales staff not to expect any commission off this girl.

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13 comments to Seven Reasons Why I effing HATE APPLE!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, so much hate for Apple! The strict iTunes requirement is Apple’s way of securing their system. Blame it on Steve Jobs for being OC. Nothing can get in and out of your gadget without them “monitoring” them. Unless you jailbreak it then you can pretty much do anything you want with it. Though I still have my original iOS. It annoyed me at first because I got used to copying and pasting my files from the pc to a gadget (mp3 player, mobile phone). I was pretty content with my current mobile phone before but then iPhone came and it blows my mind. I seriously love my iPhone.


  • What I don’t like about Apple is the price tag and the fact that they make your devices obsolete within the same year. haha! That’s why we bought a Windows 7 phone instead to try out the other market. Hubby loved it but I’m more of a reader with near sighted eyes so retina display is my best friend. LOL!


  • well i share some of your sentiments but i also love my Apple products – iPod, IPad and iPhone, guess everyone has different expectations and experience…


  • Indeed you hated apple so much, Poor girl i am because i don’t have an apple products ahh wait i have apple ipod but this was already old. I don’t have apple recent gadgets nor applications, Just come up with this some love apple very much but you are completely different from them well you are just speaking from your experience so I understand you.


  • Never used Iphone before but I heard so many good things about the product, though. Maybe it really depends on the user also. Nice info that you’ve shared here! 🙂


  • I respect your opinion about it but like Gene I love my iPhone too. Maybe I may not understand well the negative effects it brings but I think it is case to case basis. Oh and by the way, I also experienced about the password thing and I am thankful that I have a gift of having long patience.


  • hahaha…you are fuming mad


  • Thank you for sharing your opinion about Apple product. This is helpful to those who has plan to purchase it. :-).


  • that is quite a mouthful about apple. but i guess to each his own, i have not personally owned anything else apple apart from my handy-dandy iPod, which i love heaps,so pardon me if i cannot relate. but, i bet it did you good to let this out in your blog, instead of just leaving it to drive you crazy! it is quite cathartic + who knows one of the bigwigs in apple might just read this + keep those points you’ve mentioned the next time they design a new gadget 😉


  • WOW, as in WOW! You have the complete list of why people should hate apple:D You should try banana:D


    • MsKatrina

      Nope, not a complete list…and not a list of why people should hate apple…just a list on why I do. I just needed to vent…and what else is a blog for? Lol.


  • hmm.. was planning to get an iPad of iPhone but now i’m having second thoughts. hehe…


    • MsKatrina

      The only way that I will get one is if I win one in a giveaway or someone donates one to me. Til then, I am perfectly content on the Android Marketplace.


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