September 2015 Stats and October Goals

I am running so behind in getting this post out there this month.

Frankly, I am running behind on completing everything because of the nap I took on Wednesday.

Not a good start to this month.

But do you know who is having a good month?

Sarah Elizabeth!

Because she just won $10 paypal  from entering the giveaway in September’s Income and Goal review and it is already winging its way to her.

I have decided to have the personal stats in the middle of the month for those who may be interested.

Are you interested? Lol.

Anyway….on with this blog’s stats….


Traffic stats:

  • Pageviews: 6075 (up from 3722)
  • Unique Visits: 4467 (up from 2551)
  • First Time Visits: 3230 (up from 1399)
  • Return Visits: 1237 (up from 1152)
  • Alexa Ranking: 124,147  (down from 184,736)

Of course, most of my visits came from my various Facebook groups but for organic traffic, I can’t beat the effect of using Buffer.

Social networking stats:

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I have 14 subscribers. Do the boogey dance! What! What!!!!

You like me. You really like me!

I love all of my followers but my subscribers hold a very special place in my heart!

Social networks are like going to the mall to hawk my product but subscribers are you guys coming to my home to see what I have available.

Last month, I totally spaced on sending out my contribution to the Andre Sobel Foundation so this month, I am going to send them $2 for last month plus the $1.40 for the subscribers that I have this month for a total of $3.40 donation.

You guys, we are really starting to make a difference.

Let’s keep this party going, y’all!!

If you subscribed, be sure to confirm so that it will show up in my subscriber analytics.

I use my mailchimp list because google feedburner was counting the bots as subscribers and I’m only interested in real people.

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Income Stats

  • Google Adsense: $8.16 (down from $23.14)
  • Amazon Affiliate: $2.08 (up from $1.09)
  • Project Wonderful: $2.10 (down from $2.68)
  • Escalate Network: $0.84 (up from $0.42)

I removed inLinks so I am not counting any income from them.

I got a check from Adsense!!! Woo-Hoo!! My overall income was enough to cashout for $112.22.

My last payment was in May so I have officially got it down to just 4 months.

Unfortunately, the amount of money earned on this blog was way down.

My Amazon income is an over-all report because although I can tell where a click came from, I can’t tell which click led to any purchases.

I didn’t include any withdrawals or advertising expenses that were taken out of my projectwonderful balance.

Escalate Network is mostly from my own printing of coupons.

Which is pretty cool that I am paying myself to save money!


No expenses this month other than paying the $10 for the giveaway.


My goals last month was to increase engagement and I did that by engaging in comment exchanges with other bloggers.

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I wish I had a way of counting but last month I had at least a couple hundred comments.

My plan it is to continue engaging my readers and hopefully being able to drop having to do FB groups to maintain traffic.

What are your goals for October? Have you written them down? Click To Tweet

But I’m not neglecting to have number goals.

I would like to be up to 10,000 pageviews per month by next month.

Plus, have my Alexa ranking below 100, 000.

Add about 10 – 20 to each of my social media profiles.

And, of course, make at least $300 cash money in affiliates and sponsored posts.


It wouldn’t be one of my Income and Stat report without my now traditional $10 Paypal Giveway as a thank you for reading.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


I also love to read blog income and stat reports so feel free to add yours in the link-up below.

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