Saving Grocery Money

I found this awesome site on Facebook entitled Money Saving Methods.

Initially, I was curious because she posted how much she earned blogging last week (nearly $500. Not bad at all.) but I was also captivated with her methods of saving money on groceries. Imagine, she spent only $75 last week to feed her family of five.

You can visit Money Saving Methods Groceries for the why-tos but I’ll just sum up the hows here.

Step 1: Have the Sunday paper delivered. Have one paper for each member of your family. Click here to get a discount on your local paper.

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Step 2: Get a subscription to All You Magazine

Step 3: Sign up for free coupon packs. You are signing up for their newsletters, S, sign up with your “deals” email account. You can create as many email accounts as you need at Yahoo and other free providers

Home Made Simple, Click here
Betty Crocker, Click here
Pillsbury, Click here
Eat Better America, Click here
Dinner Made Easy, Click here

Step 4: Sign up for printable coupons. Sites of the actual products will sometimes have coupons available or you can try

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Step 5: Organize your coupon. Organize by the date they expire. Or by type. Just keep it consistent. Carry them with you everywhere.

Step 6: Match sales and couponsĀ  The Grocery Game ( please use referral ). They match up the sale, closeout items and coupons from the paper each week and tell you when you buy your products.

Step 7: Use electronic coupon sites such as Upromise, P&G Esavers, Shortcuts, and

Step 8: Check your receipt.

Step 9: See if the grocery stores pay for bringing your own bags. (Farm Fresh does ;-))

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Step 10: Stockpile. Make room for big batches!

Step 11: Mail in those rebates!!

Again, these grocery saving methods are from Money Saving Methods and I think they’re wonderful! In fact, I so appreciate them, I left her affiliate links in place. Lol.

Being as today is the first of the month, it is the perfect time for me to put as many of these as possible into action.

And that’s no April Fools. Lol.

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